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JackBuddies #84

I met these two about the same time and thought they would work well together, and I was right. Nate turned 19 just as we were filming this, and Eli is 27. Both have girl friends are actively straight. But they have some chemistry and look good together. They have both become sexually versatile and enjoy a side of life they never expected to experience!

Eli and Nate are shirtless in the studio. They start kissing and making out with some heavy tongue action before Eli licks his way down to Nate's jeans. He works them down and takes Nate's cock in his mouth. He sucks deeper and deeper until he has the whole cock in his mouth as his hands continue to explore Nate's chest. Eli licks, sucks and basically orally worships Nate's bid dick until he decides he wants some action and tells Nate to suck his dick!

Nate proves to be a pretty good cock sucker and he goes at it from all angles slurping on Eli's fat dick. He even sucks on his balls getting them in his mouth! When he's given as good as he got, the two guys get down for a sexy 69 session. Eli slides a finger in Nate's ass as he sucks his cock and starts fingering his ass! Nate starts to moan softly as Eli begins to work on his ass. Nate returns the favor and pushes his finger into Eli's tight butt while he sucks his cock.

Both guys are feeling pretty good right now but are starting to get out of their comfort zone. They back this sex train up and stand up for a little jacking and kissing. They jack their own dicks before grabbing each other's hard cocks and soon Nate is ready to cum. Eli drops to his knees to tongue Nate's cock head and gets a face full of hot cum! Eli starts sucking on the hose that just drenched his face and they exchange a jizz flavored kiss. Next Nate drops to his knees to take Eli's load.

When a guy is young, sometimes one orgasm isn't enough and Eli and Nate are ready to keep going. They've done everything else so there's nothing left but to fuck! Eli grabs a vibrator and starts to prep his ass for Nate's dick. Soon he finds himself on his side with Nate holding one leg up as a cock slides deep in his ass. Nate pumps away and Eli closes his eyes and gets used to getting fucked. Nate fucks him and Eli gets very vocal about being fucked: he likes it! They change positions to get Eli on his side facing away from the camera with some good tight close ups of that 7 dick sliding in and out. They switch to Eli on his back and Nate fucks him hard and deep. Then back on his side facing us, Eli shoots while Nate fucks his ass. Nate keeps fucking and Eli keeps talking while cum runs down his belly. They kiss and it's Nate's turn to bottom!

Nate preps his butt with a vibrator and soon finds him in the sane position Eli was earlier and there's a cock in his ass, too! Eli fucks Nate pretty hard and deep pulling all the way out and slamming back in as Nate cheers him on. He fucks Nate on his side facing away from us for some good insertion shots before getting him on his back for some deep dickin ! Nate shoots in Eli's mouth and they head for the shower.

The guys take a long hot steamy shower were they continue kissing, sucking and playing with each other's hot body!

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