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JackBuddies #81: Austin and Miles

One of my pet peeves in a porno is when the performers look so much alike I can t tell who is doing what to whom. This definitely is not the care in JB81. We have blonde and smooth Austin paired with tanned and hairy Miles in a hot slip flop fuck that includes lots of kissing, sucking, rimming, fucking and facial cum shots!

The guys are watching porn and Miles suggests he d like to make a porno. Austin explains that the only way for straight guys to make money in the adult industry is to do gay-for-pay work. Miles isn t sure what he s talking about and although he s a bit nervous listens to Austin s explanation. When Austin explains what he would have to do, Miles is even more nervous but Austin moves in for a kiss and it isn t so bad. Miles kisses back and its game on!

They make out and Austin makes the first move licking his way down Miles smooth, tanned abdomen. He pulls his briefs of to get to his waiting cock. Miles lays back and enjoys the expert oral attention he s receiving. Austin sucks cock like crazy and seems to enjoy exploring the brunette s hairy legs. Miles gets rock hard and wants to taste Austin s cock. Austin is only too happy to oblige!

Miles does a great job on the blonde s cock especially when he s told to be aggressive! Taking all Austin s cock and licking and sucking on his balls gets Miles in the mood for more and Austin has something else he wants to teach! Getting Miles on his knees doggy style, Austin warns him that this might tickle! and starts riming Miles hairy ass! Needles to say Miles loves is and even returns the favor on Austin s pretty little pink hole while he jacks his hard dick.

The next lesson is about toys and after some more cock sucking, Austin gets Miles legs in the air and starts fingering his butt. It s pretty tight but Austin never takes No for an answer and soon has him ready for a vibrator. After working to open up that tight Austin thinks the only natural thing to do is fuck it!

Miles suck his cock and slides a condom on. After a deep kiss, Austin leads him by the hand to a platform and positions Miles for a good fucking! Slowly sliding his cock deep into Miles hot ass Austin is a persistent lover letting him get used to the fine line between pain and pleasure before he fucks harder and faster. Miles really gets into the anal invasion and is very vocal. He gets fucked on his back, on his knees and in a special position Austin calls the plank. Miles fucks beck onto his cock when he gets it doggy style. After flipping Miles back over on his back and spreading his legs as wide as they will go, Austin shoots all over Miles handsome face. Miles shows his appreciation by swallowing Austin s cum covered cock.

Now it is Austin s turn to get fucked. He sucks Miles cock to get him hard and slides a condom on. He gets on his back so he can get fucked. Miles plunges in and fucks him as hard as he got fucked and then shoots a big load all over Austin s upturned face.

The guys head for the shower and enjoy some making out and sucking before ending in a big wet kiss.

A few out takes show how much fun these shoots are
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JackBuddies #81: Austin and Miles

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