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Jared Wells' Toy Box

Jared Wells is one handsome man with an impish smile that invites trouble! He's 23, 5 10 and weighs about 170, he has a smooth chest and furry legs. His cut cock is a bit over 6 inches and thick. His balls are big and meaty hanging in a hefty ball sac. His interests are adrenaline sports and women. He is very easy to work with and in general a pleasure to be around. He's very comfortable with his body and is generous with it. He is also comfortable with his sexuality and doesn't believe in labels. We have two shoots here: his first toy shoot and a much more intensive toy shoot showing his progress. This is a very worth while 2 hour video!!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Jared is back for his second shoot with Gemini. He's relaxed and certainly easy on the eyes! We talk a bit about his last shoot and as he starts to strip. He blushes when he shows us his arm pits, kisses his bicep and admits that he has done that in the mirror before! When he drops his jeans and boxers, he is almost completely hard. And that's a good sign! After he's naked, Jared gets comfortable in our poppa san and shows us his fantastic ass. He spreads his cheeks for our inspection and flexes his tight little hole with his legs in the air and doggy style.

When he gets comfortable in the poppa san he has a hard on and looks very fuckable! In his initial interview (available in Signature Series: Jared Wells) he mentioned that a girl had played with his ass, so I questioned him about it. She fingered him, used a small dildo on him and got him off. I asked him to try some toys for our cameras and he agreed. He jacks his cock and gets rock hard before standing up so we get a good look with him pointing north.

He slides down in the chair so he can reach his ass and slides a finger deep in his little hole. I think he likes jacking his cock and fucking his butt so I let him continue for a few minutes as the camera rolls. But I need him in a better position for our viewing pleasure, so he slides down further and gets his legs way up and spread so it really opens his butt for his finger. Much better!

After the finger, a toy is definitely called for and a little butt plug seems to be in order! He slides it in with ease keeping a fist full of hard cock at the same time! He poses with his legs up with the plug in his ass and keeps jacking his dick. As we talk about his anal activity he flashes a beautiful smile. He seems to enjoy it so much that I suggest he try a small vibrator and he's ready! As he fucks his ass, his cock comes to life jumping with each thrust. It almost disappears!

Jared is such a good sport that I suggest he try another position: Heels over head in the versatile poppa san! He jacks his dick which just keeps getting harder and harder. I lend him a hand for a bit and he tells me I am the very first guy to touch it!

It's time for him to nut, so we get him on his back and he removes the vibrator. He spreads his butt for your inspection and he flexes it again. Since he just pushed so much air into his ass fucking it, it's not surprising that he farts! ''Don't talk back,'' I tell him, which produces another radiant smile.

I give him a little toy that is designed to stimulate his prostate. This is all new to him! However he is an eager pupil and does as I tell him. Jared jacks his dick with the vibrating prostate massager up his butt and gradually increases the speed until he's in overdrive! ''This feels really good,'' he says kicking back with his arms behind his head. He looks so inviting with his hard cock and his legs spread so wide that I move right in. Grabbing his dick I start jerking it for him as he closes his eyes and gets into the moment! His face tightens, his balls pull up tighter and he shoots into my hand. I keep jerking him as he writhes in sexual ecstasy. We talk about the shoot, what he did and how is felt and how this is the gayest thing he has ever done!

Jared heads for the shower and we get to watch as the water flows over his sexy form washing in and out of every part.
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Amateur Video Scene 2:

It's a few days later and Jared's back in the studio. We start with a costume shoot; he wants some images for his legitimate modeling career. He looks hot and, of course, the pictures are very erotic. When he opens his jeans his cock is half hard. He likes being naked as much as I like shooting him naked! I get some good close up footage of his hard cock and in the process just have to play with it! And we get some very nice close up butt shots, too.
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Amateur Video Scene 3:

After the costume part of the shoot, Jared kicks back and talks directly to you about what he likes in bed. The bottom line is he likes sex period! Men, women, it's all good. And he wants to get fucked. But since you aren't with him, he will have to go it alone, so he starts lubing his ass. All this fuck talk has given him a roaring hard-on and he has to reach around a big fat dick to get to his hungry hole. He slides one finger and then two deep in his butt while he strokes his hard cock. No small butt plug for him today; he goes straight to a vibrator. Jared fucks his ass with the hard plastic dick until he has to have something bigger. The glass dildo is his choice and he attacks his butt shoving the fake dick hard and deep into himself.

The beer bottle is the next lucky toy that gets to fuck Jared. He takes the bottle on his back and on his knees letting Bud Wiser fuck him doggy style. After a very thorough (and hard) fuck, he fingers his stretched hole with 2 fingers and buries a big glass butt plug in his butt. With the plug he can concentrate on his cock and making himself feel really good. He changes to the bigger red plug after pulling the glass one out in a close up so tight you hear his ass pop! But his ass wants more attention and soon he has to have another toy. This time it's the 12'' ManRammer dildo and he takes about 10 inches of it and fucks his ass like there's no tomorrow! He even stands up and rams his ass as we watch in a long shot and then underneath between his legs as that huge dildo ravages his straight guy butt. When he pulls the dildo out and spreads his ass, his hole is well fucked. But still not fucked enough!

Jared mounts a life-life latex cock and balls on the bed and starts sucking it like a real cock. He asks the fake dick if it wants to fuck him as he licks and swallows it. Before too long he sits right down on the dildo and rides it with his hard cock waving as he bounces up and down. Jared sits on it front wards, backwards and again front wards until he shoots his load. Sitting all the way down on the 8'' toy finally satisfies the horny stud. He bends over and spreads his very-fucked ass for our inspection. He closes the shoot by showing us the toys he played with and telling us just what he did! Jared heads for the shower and we get to watch as he soaps his exhausted yet satisfied body.
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Jared Wells' Toy Box

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