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Michael and Johnnie
Best Friends Forever

Two guys in their late teens start on an exploration that will change their lives forever. Once they start there's no going back as they push their sexual boundaries. Venturing into the world of same sex on the down-low, they find feelings and emotions that surprise them and delight us! With the screen test this is as real as it gets and you are there as they jump in head first! Fetish fans of frottage and arm pits will love this video!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

First up is a Screen Test for the two guys. Though they are friends they have never seen each other naked or been in a sexual situation together. What you see is how I get two straight men to relax in a same sex environment. They react differently. The more gregarious Michael is silly and joking; the more subdued Johnnie is laid back and reluctant. This is about as honest as it gets and I thought long and hard about releasing it.

I get emails and phones calls regularly asking how I do it, so I decided to show you. Now if I could just use my powers for good! They strip gradually and are egged on to touching each other; even touching tongues. They relax and pose side by side, even getting their legs in the air. They get in positions like they are fucking; they spread each other's butts. They talk about what they are interested in doing and how they think it will go. At the end of these 18 minutes they are better friends and agree to go on.

Their first full sex scene together is a week later and they start out in the shower. I find that works well because each knows the other is fresh and the water seems to cleanse their actions! There is a bit of school-boy awkwardness at first, but when Michael drops to his knees to play with Johnnie's cock, they are off and running! After exploring each other in a thorough soaping, they kiss and take turns sucking each other's cocks.

After the shower, they get in bed naked and start making out. I love filming (and watching straight guys kissing!); it is such an erotic experience! Johnnie licks his was down to Michael's cock and sucks it like a champion! He moves into several positions to get more cock in his mouth and starts to jack his own dick. Then it's tit for tat (or rather cock for cock) as Michael sucks Johnnie's own very big dick! They lay side by side for some 69 action before trying it with Michael on the top. Surprisingly his hands work their way to Michael's ass and after spreading his cheeks, starts to finger his dawg's tight hole! Not to be out done or make Johnnie feel left out, when's he gets on top he fingers Michael fingers Johnnie's hole!

Keeling over his new best friend Michael shoots on Johnnie's face and into his mouth. Johnnie responds by sucking the cum off Michael's dick. Michael then lies on his stomach while Johnnie massages him with oil. Then he dry humps his ass crack until he shoots all over his back side. The frottage is surprisingly erotic and watching the rise and fall of Johnnie's ass as he fucks is hot!
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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Another week goes by and they are back and this time they are going to rev things up with some toy play. Before they get started we talk a little about their last shoot and how it went before they start kissing again. Their hands work into each other shorts and they have to get naked soon! Michael strips Johnnie first and starts blowing him. Of course he gets rock hard before Johnnie strips Michael and sucks his hard dick. They move to bed where they are more comfortable and have better access to each other's dicks. They take urns fucking each other's waiting moths before Johnnie slaps Michael's spread ass signaling things are about to heat up!

They start fingering their asses as they continue jacking off. Johnnie hands Michael a butt plug and takes on for himself. They continue jacking with the plugs firmly in place. After a celebratory clinking of vibrators reminiscent of a toast, they attack their asses with the larger toys as they kiss.

While Johnnie is out of the room, Michael switches to a zucchini. While he's enjoying a ''green'' fuck, Johnnie comes back and says, ''What the hell?'' Michael answers, ''No sweat, I got one for you!'' The two guys fuck their asses with the zucchinis and Johnnie gets his in so deep that it stays in place by itself! He gets on all fours so he can suck Michael who keeps fucking his own ass. By the way, Johnnie looks great on all fours with a zucchini sticking out of his butt!

Michael gets off in Johnnie's mouth again (he's liking it!) and after they have a tender moment together hugging. Johnnie inserts the zucchini back into his ass and again rubs his cock on Michael's oiled chest. As he starts to cum, Michael slides Johnnie's dick deep in his mouth and swallows his load. Damn!

They take a hot shower they seem to get into each other's arm pits. They soap the furry pits and then lick them clean before they kiss and ''seal the deal!''
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Michael and Johnnie: Best Friends Forever

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