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JackBuddies #12

Producer's Note: Enrique, an over sexed Puerto Rican bi-sexual is after his friend, Buck a laid back sexy straight redneck. Watch as they get together for a no holes barred sex fest. There are great oral and anal close ups and all the action is filmed as it happens with director's stage prompts left intact. You see and hear all!!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Enrique starts seducing Buck by kissing his neck and licking his biceps and armpits. He works his way down to Bucks straining jock strap. He sucks on the jock's pouch before releasing Bucks 8' thick cut dick, which springs out of its confinement. Enrique hungrily devours the huge dick. He climbs between the standing Buck's spread legs to suck his balls and can't get enough of Bucks manly scent. Buck licks and kisses Enrique all over as he works his way down to Enrique's fat Latin sausage, which he sucks and sucks, even tonguing his balls before climbing between Enrique's spread legs to suck his balls! Fort a first time cocksucker he does pretty well! No gagging!

In a slower less frantic mode, Enrique gives Buck a tongue bath from neck to crotch and gets his dick so hard Buck can't stand it. Enrique sucks and sucks this huge piece of meat as Buck shoves his head deeper and deeper on his dick. Always one to be fair, Buck returns the favor with an equally hot tongue bath and cock sucking.

They trade bow jobs before getting down to some serious 69ing! Enrique begins fingering his straight friends butt and is so well received that he slides a vibrator up Bucks virgin as while sucking his dick! Again turn about is fair play, and Enrique takes the vibrator to the hilt! They two hot guys jack each other's dick before Enrique talks Buck into lying back with his legs in the air so he can play! And Enrique is good at butt play! He fucks his amazed friend with a larger vibrator and a huge manrammer dildo and then pulls out a fat cucumber! Buck takes them all and is getting into it as it gets into him!

Never one to be outdone, Bucks suck Enrique's dick as he begins an anal assault! The vibrator and cuke all find a warm home and then the unthinkable happens: Bucks slides a condom on Enrique's turgid pole and lays back to get fucked for the first time! He winces as it invades his ass, but warms up to the invasion and even likes it well enough to get pounded in several positions: On his knees, back and even sits on it! Enrique sucks Bucks dick to a full hard, rolls on a condom and gets fucked on his side hard and deep! He gets a real ass fucking on his knees spreading his butt for deeper penetration!

That was such fun that the get out a double-headed dildo and ride it with both dicks rock hard. Bucks shoots a load all over Enrique's face and chest, and than it is Enrique's turn to spray a huge load all over Bucks tanned (and willing) face!!

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JackBuddies #12

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