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JackBuddies #75

Brandon is tall, taut and tanned, Brent is muscular, tanned and beefy. Both are in their mid twenties and though basically straight are no strangers to man sex. They look great together in this flip flop fuck which is filmed with some tight close ups and great penetration footage!

I called tree-man Brandon about a dead tree in my back yard. He agreed to take it out and as he had his helper Brent with him, got right to work. They take the tree down and get hot and sweaty. Nearby, the pool looks pretty inviting. Since there's no one around, so they strip down and dive in. After skinny-dipping, they sun bathe still nude and realize they have some time to kill.

Brandon takes the initiative and brings Brent into the studio where he kisses him and then drops to his knees. Brandon enjoys his co-worker's cock and Brent seems to appreciate the attention he's receiving. They kiss and Brent goes down on Brandon sucking his rock hard cock. Brent gives pretty good head for a marine and looks great doing it. After some intense making out they lie down together and start sucking each other's dick. Some hot 69 action ensues.

After some toy prep, Brent slides his dick deep into Brandon's ass He fucks him in slow deep strokes as Brandon moans in ecstasy. They switch positions with Brandon bending over a table as Brent mounts him. Fucking in deep strokes, he pounds Brandon's ass who gets very vocal as Brent's cock gets harder and deeper in his ass. Brandon then sits on Brent's dick and rides it his own hard cock bouncing as he gets fucked. Turning around with his butt to the camera, Brandon sits back on Brent and rides some more.

Now its payback time and Brent preps with a toy for his turn to bottom. Brent gets fucked on his side and then on his back with his beefy legs in the air. He takes all the cock Brandon has to give which is about 7 inches. He moans and groans but he takes it. Then he gets bent over the same table and fucked to the hilt. Brandon pulls his cock all the way out and then shoves it all the way in, as Brent moans. But when Brandon gets him on his back again with his legs high and wide, he can really slam the hot Marine ass spread under him!

Brent jacks his hard cock as he gets slam fucked shooting a very large thick white load on his tanned belly. Brandon keeps fucking the spent stud. He pulls his cock out and jacks hid dick with the intention of cumming on Brent's upturned ass. A few minutes later and it is mission accomplished!

The two men hit the shower and Brent's first order of business is to wash the cum off so I ask him how he thinks girls like it when he shoots on them? ''They like it,'' he says. So much for equality! They take turns soaping each other's fronts and backs. Their hands explore every inch of the other one's hot body. They horse play in the shower, dry off and call is a day.

A few minutes follow of tree-man Brandon showing off his tree skills climbing like a monkey!!
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JackBuddies #75

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