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Signature Series: Josh MacAdams

Josh is 24, 5' 11 and weighs about 170. He is gay street kid which made this a different shoot for me! To begin with, he wanted gay porn for stimulation, and he actually liked showing his ass and playing with it and seemed very eager to please.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Josh is straight off the street. I met him, asked if he was interested in making adult Videos and we headed to the studio. He is a street kid that I wasn't too sure about but he had an angelic look. He doesn't seem nervous but maybe still waters run deep. Since I wasn't sure how he'd be to work with I decided to find out real fast if this was going to work or be a total waste of my time! So I start him stripping almost at once and am not pleased that he has shaved his pubes! I hate that! But he has a smooth body, nice firm bubble butt and I am curious how big his cock gets. He eagerly bends over and spreads his cheeks when asked, and when he smiles, his whole face comes alive. Maybe he will be a good model after all! So we break for him to get cleaned up, except that I keep filming as he shaves and showers.

Back in the studio and Josh is naked. I coach him through some poses that allow us to see every inch of his taut smooth body. After we get some good butt shots, we go through a short costume shoot and again we see his sexy body and tight little hole! I finally get him in bed. He is wearing some black briefs and looks hot. I ask him a few questions to find out more about this interesting kid.

I walk him through the Butt Show and am amazed at how limber he is. Josh is almost a human pretzel which ads another dimension to the show! When he gets ready to jack off for us he says he doesn't do that very often but when he does he usually has a finger in his butt. I tell him that's ok or he can use one of our butt plugs. After a discussion about the sizes of the plugs, he goes for the plug but soon opts for a larger vibrator. Jacking his cock as he fucks his ass, Josh really gets into it. He cums all over his belly as he gets fucked and we can see his total pleasure.
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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Two days later and Josh is back for more. He quickly strips and shows off his hot ass. Today is set to be a toy shoot and he seems excited about it. He gets hard and starts fingering his butt.

Starting with his finger he works on his ass and jacks his stiff cock. Working his way through the Gemini Toy Box, his ass takes every toy he can find from vibrators to beer bottles and a zucchini, butt plugs and dildos. He sucks the last one like it was a real dick and then sits down on fucking his ass. He shoots his load jacking off on the mirror and then licks it off the glass. Josh takes a hot soothing shower and we make plans for another video!
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Signature Series: Josh MacAdams

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