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Josh: Then and Now

from Gemini Studios   •   An AMVC Exclusive
GEM224   •   78 Minutes   •   Live Sound

I have known Josh for a long time; he does odd jobs for us. I first shot him when he was 19. Here he is at 20 in an early toy shoot. I recently shot him again and found the changes in him remarkably sexy. The tall lanky boy has grown into a self confident man.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Josh is 20 and in the studio. He is a tall lanky blonde with a deep tan from his roofing job. He quickly gets naked and relaxes in bed where he shows us his ass. We get a real good look at his furry virgin hole and the contrast of his white buns with his tanned back is hot! Oops, not so quick on the virgin hole: he admits his girl has tried to fuck him with a vibrator! Man, you just never know! He fingers his butt and tries a small butt plug before fucking his ass with a vibrator.

He gets comfortable after his anal activity and goes to work on his cock. He plays with his ass intermittently but his focus is on his growing cock. Filmed from various angles, you see it grow from tiny acorn to mighty oak! He pumps his cock and soon cums on his hairy belly shooting all the way to his chest. He tastes his creamy load and heads for the shower.

We get to watch as he soaps every inch of his 6' 2'' body and lets the water (and the camera) run all over him. He even fingers his ass again! I give him some direction to play to the camera and the result is a hot guy genuinely enjoying his own body! After drying off Josh returns to the studio for some nipple play and another look at his tight hole.
amateur homemade porn
amateur homemade porn

Amateur Video Scene 2:

Fast Forward almost ten years and the lanky twenty year old is a tall hunky man of 29. He is still tanned; his hair a bit darker. He is naked and in bed. We talk a bit about the shoot he did a week before where he did some toy play for the first time in almost ten years. His orgasm was more intense and he is ready for more! He shows us his ass and then works on getting his cock hard. When he is completely hard he starts fingering his butt and the show starts!

With his legs in the air and on his back this straight man fingers his butt knowing he's about to fuck his own hot hole. His finger is followed by a small vibrator which almost disappears! Fucking his butt with the vibrator on his back and is fairly verbal about his feelings and what he is experiencing. He replaces the vibrator with a glass probe and takes it to the hilt as he jacks his hard cock. Next is a larger vibrator which seems to feel pretty good. He fucks his ass while his erect dick pulses and throbs. He says it feels like getting fucked by a big dick.

After a good vibrator fuck, he fucks him self with the infamous beer bottle and takes it to the hilt! His cock stays rock hard as he fucks his butt even when he gets on his knees doggy style! He spreads his just fucked hole for your inspection and then plays hide the zucchini. Jacking his dick while the green dildo stays in his butt hands free Josh is getting more and more turned on! With his legs in the air, on his back and on his stomach Josh shows us the zucchini almost totally engulfed by his hungry ass. Next Josh tackles the big manrammer dildo and takes about seven inches of it on his back. His cock I still hard and he talks about what he's doing. He fucks his butt on his back, on his stomach and on his knees before spreading his ass for our inspection. Josh starts sucking on a life-like latex cock while he jacks his dick. He sits on the dildo and rides it like he's getting fucked. The feeling is intense and is too much for him so he changes positions and fucks his hole lying down.

He changes to the red butt plug and shoots a big load that goes from his belly to his neck! After popping the plug out and spreading his hole, Josh talks about his orgasm and we fade to black.
amateur homemade porn
amateur homemade porn
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Josh: Then and Now

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