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JackBuddies #73

from Gemini Studios   •   An AMVC Exclusive
GEM223   •   69 Minutes   •   Live Sound

Austin and Brent are two very sexy guys and they make an interesting contrast. Both in their mid 20's, one is muscular, one is lithe; one is at ease and talkative, one is strong and silent; both are sexy as hell! Put them together and you get 70 minutes of hardcore manly sex with great penetration shots and two nut-bustin' climaxes!

Austin and Brent are in the studio. Brent has just gotten back from the mid-east two weeks ago and is eager to get back in front of the cameras. Austin introduces him to the audience and just grabs his head pulling the hunky marine over for a kiss. They start kissing as they undress each other. Brent is a little shy; Austin is rearing to go! Once he has the built stud naked Austin gives him an expert tongue bath. Licking his way from Brent's armpits to his chiseled chest past his ripped abdomen all the way to his cock and balls Austin does it all.

As he blows Brent he can't keep his hands off his smooth, solid chest and he keep forcing his hands behind his head so he can see his pumped biceps. He is equally intrigued by Brent's low hanging balls, even joking about his nut sac! But he doesn't forget the rock hard cock in his face and does some of his best cock-sucking ever! In fact I have never seen Austin so into another man (I think he has found his ''type'')! And Brent must like it, too because he just kicks back and lets Austin and his magic tongue run wild.

In a turn of events, Brent strips Austin's jeans off and starts sucking the blonde's cock taking it all in his mouth. Considering Austin is about 8'', that's quite a feat for a straight man! Austin starts fucking his mouth as Brent sucks! I have heard of spit polishing boots but watching Brent tongue bathing Austin's nuts takes polishing to a whole new level! As Brent sucks, Austin begins to notice what a great ass the hunky Marine has and starts working on getting it! When Brent agrees to some ass play, Austin makes his move and it is game on!

Now in bed the two men kiss passionately with Austin on top which allows him to get Brent's legs in the air. Then he goes to work between his legs. Playing with his cock and outrageous ball sac, Austin gets him ready for some anal action. With Brent on his back, Austin fondles his cock and balls before sliding his index finger deep in muscle man's ass. When this position proves to be uncomfortable, he gets Brent on his stomach with his legs spread wide for some more finger action.

First one finger, then two find their way into his deep ass crack. ''Breather for me,'' Austin tells him as he pushes his hand in deeper and deeper. Fingers turn into vibrators which go even deeper. Austin fucks the meaty ass spread before him with two toys that get consecutively larger. After all if Brent is going to take Austin's sizeable cock he better be prepared! Austin shoves a big red butt plug in Brent's ass and makes him suck his cock again. He fucks Brent's mouth and when he is rock hard makes the muscle stud put a condom on his cock and say, ''fuck me!''

Austin pulls the plug out of Brent's ass and slides his cock all the way in. He fucks him doggy style while he slaps his ass. Brent spreads his cheeks allowing Austin's cock to invade his ass deeper and deeper. And Austin slams it! After nailing Brent doggy style, he gets him from behind hanging on some chains and we get some good penetration shots showing just how deep Brent is getting fucked! Austin gets Brent on his back and fucks him with his legs up. He winces as Austin's hard cock slides in his butt but just for a moment then the pleasure takes over! Brent gets thoroughly fucked and even flexes while he's taking it.

Austin bends his legs over his head and rams his cock deep in Brent's hungry ass. He starts working on his cock as Austin keeps pounding his ass. Brent's hands work his cock faster and faster until he shoots a very thick, very creamy, very white load all over his tight, tanned abdomen. The volume is simply amazing and Austin keeps fucking him! Austin jacks his own cock shooting an equally thick and creamy load on his buddy's face. Brent sucks the cum covered cock licking it clean.

They head for the shower where they take turns soaping each others exhausted bodies. But tired as they are they still have enough desire and energy to start kissing and sucking all over again! The guys head for the pool for a little horse play...what could that lead to?
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JackBuddies #73

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