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Signature Series: Joe

from Gemini Studios   •   An AMVC Exclusive
GEM222   •   93 Minutes   •   Live Sound

Joe is a regular Joe. An all American blue eyed blonde, he works construction and is just so normal he's hot! This video was shot in 3 installments with him going a bit further each time!

Joe is a newbie to all this and is a bit skeptical. In his first shoot, we start out with an interview to ease him into the XXX world. He is very skittish so I start a costume shoot that will allow us to imagine him in various fantasies and allow him to get used to disrobing. He warms up enough for the camera to come in for a close up while he still has his pants on. He has a beautiful warm smile when he shows it. His body is smooth except for a delicious pleasure trail that disappears into his jeans.

He is coming around and I decide to ask him to show a little more! He does and we get to peek in his jeans. I don't want to crowd him, so I suggest he ''close up show'' for now. The costume shoot is a bit long, but you will get a lot of hints and tips on how to get in a straight man's pants! We only get to see his chest, biceps, pit and back and just a bit of bush, but the promise of more is intriguing!

The very next day Joe is back and the second shoot has a lot of promise! Joe is more relaxed and wants to explore more extreme possibilities! He has come straight from work and is hot and ready to relax. He shows us his sweaty armpit and then drops his jeans. He is going commando so we get straight to his uncut cock. He poses a bit and we get to see his butt before he totally strips and gets ready to take a shower. But before he does I want to see just how butt shy he is; I want to know how hard I am going to have to work!

Once naked he positions himself on the sofa and I talk him into a position where his legs are in the air and we get to see some pink for the first time! He handles it like a pro and heads off to the shower. The cool water feels good on his aching muscles and he relaxes under its hypnotic influence. He gives special attention to his foreskin and ass crack.

After the refreshing shower, Joe gets in bed and relaxes. What a difference a day makes! Just when I am about to start coaching him through our Gemini Butt Show, he announces in a typical straight boy way, ''I gotta pee!'' So we break and the butt show starts after we get back to work. We see him on his back with his legs up, spreading his virgin hole for the first time before he gets on his stomach and knees showing his hole. And we do get some pretty footage of that hot little hole!

I put a video on for him and he starts oiling up his cock and begins to play with his ass. I hand him a small butt plug and he takes it and works his cock to a full erection. He holds his legs up and gets poses on his stomach and knees with the little latex toy in place. He does so well that I give him the small vibrator. He greases it and slides it deep into his tight butt. When he is on his stomach he spreads his ass for me to fuck it with the vibrator.

Next I hand him a glass dildo which he says is too big, but shoves it in his ass anyway. He poses with the toy which almost disappears in his ass with his legs in the air but says he can't get off with it. He oils up his torso and goes back to work on his cock. He gets hard (no surprise there!)

After working his cock to full erection Joe stands up so we can exam it in close detail. It jerks as he moves around and he bends over to spread his ass for our inspection. He gets back in bed and jacks his cock smiling a little smugly. He shoots a pretty big load on his hairy belly and lets us take a close look at his naked body.
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Signature Series: Joe

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