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JackBuddies #72

There is something about brother...sexually intriguing and begging for comparison! Here you have one hot, hairy masculine top with, a thick cock and two blonde bottoms eager to take the biggest dick they have ever seen! Got your attention?

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Dustin comes on screen and explains that he has heard about the new guy Andrew and how big his cock is. And he wants it! He has set up a photo shoot with the hot, sexy, straight Latino to see if he can get Andrew to fuck him. The day of the shoot comes and they are in the studio and as the posing gets more and more intimate, they kiss. Game On, enough said!

Dustin is on his knees trying to get Andrew's fat cock down his throat! Andrew closes his eyes and enjoys the ride as Dustin. After tongue action on his cock and balls, Andrew gets on his knees and slowly removes Dustin's jock strap. Will he return the favor? OMG, he does! Andrew sucks dick with typical straight man reluctance and he isn't very good at it. It brings to mind what I have heard about a pig singing: its not that he doesn't do it well but that he does it at all! I can't imagine how he could resist Dustin's pretty pink cock; guess he really is straight!

Dustin is on his back with his legs up as Andrew slides a condom on his fat cock. He slowly slides it all the way up Dustin's tight ass. A little heavy breathing to relax and he starts to enjoy the ride. He spreads his cheeks to accommodate the over-sized invader as he begs to be fucked. He gets what he wants and when Andrew bends him in half to pound his ass, Dustin is in sexual bliss! Pounding the hunky blonde with his hairy butt in constant motion, the heat intensifies as every inch of Andrew's cock disappears in Dustin's ass.

They try to tone it down a bit as they fuck doggy style but the fever burns and Andrew is slamming his ass again. Dustin grabs the sheets and bites his tongue as he takes the hardest fucking he has ever had. I know he is thinking this hurts so good. Andrew gets him bending over and shoves his cock in deep. Filmed from between their legs we get to see some great penetration shots as they continue to fuck. Now that Dustin is fully ''broken in'' Dustin gets him on his knees and stoops down burying is fat dick to the hilt. Dustin moans as he is thoroughly fucked.

In one of our more creative positions, Dustin hangs from some chains and lowers his ass onto Andrew's fat cock for one wild ride! He gets his fill of cock (in more ways than one!) and rolls on his back as Andrew glazes his just fucked hole! Dustin jacks his own sore cock and shoots on Andrew's chest. They take a hot shower together continuing to explore each other's attractions!
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Amateur Video Scene 2:

A week later and Dustin has told Austin all about Andrew and he wants to see if its true. They are in the studio and start making out. Austin gets Andrew on his back and takes his shorts off. By taking the thick cock deep in his throat, Austin gives Andrew some intense pleasure. He sucks and licks his way all around his cock and balls. When it is his turn to reciprocate, Andrew doesn't give as good as he gets! His cock sucking is first time straight guy stuff with all the aversion and gag-reflexes you might expect and he seems to prefer licking to actual sucking. But there is quite a bit of mouth to cock action!

Things heat up when they go back to kissing and Andrew shoves a butt plug in Austin's tight ass. They 69 for awhile and then Andrew is ready to fuck! Austin sucks his cock some more and slides a magnum (of course) condom on and prepares to sit on the biggest dick he's ever had! It isn't easy and it takes him two tries to sit on the whole cock but he does! Just when he gets used to the huge cock, Andrew grabs his hips and starts deep thrusting!

Austin takes it facing away from and then towards the camera and you see every penetrating thrust. He takes it like a man because you can tell it hurts! Andrew then fucks him doggy style and again you get some great close up penetration shots. Next Andrew gets his blonde buddy on his back and drills him. Austin takes that huge cock to the hilt and begs for more. I have never seen him take more cock or get fucked as hard as he does here! They jack off together with Andrew shooting on Austin's upturned ass. Andrew jacks Austin off with a pocket jack they kiss and head for the shower. In a long, steamy shower they kiss, suck and make plans for their next video!

Out takes show you how much fun it is to work with these guys!
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amateur homemade porn
amateur homemade porn

JackBuddies #72

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