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Signature Series: Max

Max is 38 and a total stud. Tanned and muscular he's been around. Sporting some great ink, this tanned and hairy Dad shares his whole body with you and he's very generous. Ass play is new to him, but as he says, ''what the hell!''

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Max is in the studio in a white undershirt and jeans. He is a little nervous so we settle in for an interview session to relax him. And we learn some interesting things about his sexuality; like the fact that he is bi! He also tells us what he has done and what he likes to do. After the interview he stands up and starts following my direction as he poses. In the tank top we can see what great arms he has. When he pulls his shirt up we see his hairy chest and abdomen and the some of his ink. Yes he has a lot of tats. And they each have a story. He drops his jeans and boxers and we get the first look at his cock, which doesn't disappoint. It is thick and meaty and his balls are big hanging in a hefty sack. He is more relaxed being naked and even bends over and spreads his ass. I get him to strip completely so we can start a costume shoot.

Starting out in jean cut offs and a small black tank top Max poses for the camera. He flexes and pulls his cock and balls out and the camera pulls in for a closer look. It passes down from his rugged face past his hairy pits and taut belly all the way down to his thick cock and hefty balls. After a few changes of shorts and shirts he is comfortable enough to get naked and we get to see the whole package. He poses naked and we get to see it all front and back. Standing up and bending over. He takes a smoke break and I just let the camera roll as the tobacco relaxes him even more. Smoking fetish anyone?

After the break, Max is naked and in bed. I guide him through a very thorough ''Butt Show'' where we get to see him in every come-fuck-me position I can think of. He spreads his ass like a pro and we get some mouth-watering close ups of his hot hole. He is on his back with his legs up, on his stomach and on his knees saying, ''fuck me, baby!''

After the Butt Show, Max gets comfortable in bed and starts spreading oil on his chest as he works his way to his cock. He jacks his dick which gets big and very thick and he shows it with pride. When he gets completely hard he stands up and the camera moves in for a close up from top to bottom with a very interesting stop in the middle! His cock points north and is so hard and mouth watering! After a very generous look at his hard cock and ass, he gets back to the business at hand, literally! Jacking his cock intensely and we see it from several angles. He shoots a big thick load on his belly and we see it run down the head of his cock in a tight close up. Reminds me of an ice cream cone! He stands up so we can see the fruits of his labor and the camera pans down his sweaty torso lingering on his cock.

Max takes a long hot shower and we watch as the water and soap runs all over his tanned sexy body. The water rejuvenates him and his energy level builds. I am still amazed (and intrigued) by the size and weight of his balls as he soaps them up. He dries off and we make plane for his next shoot.
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Amateur Video Scene 2:

The very next day Max is back and ready for more! Dressed in a too-small black tank top and faded jeans that expose his belly, he looks hot! He unzips his jeans and pulls out his cock. I go in for a close up with the camera but can't resist playing with his thick cock and bouncing his cum-filled balls in my hand. His cock quickly hardens with the attention and his big broad smile tells me all I need to know! He turns around and spreads his furry cheeks and we get back to work.

Max poses in and out of his jeans, applies clothes pins to his tender nipples and basically does anything I ask. And that's all I have ever wanted: my own way! I put a video in for him and ask him to get hard which takes about a nano-second. I give him some lube and he starts rubbing it all around his butt-hole. He has to lift his heft balls to get to his hole and it isn't too long before he slides a finger deep into the warm hole. He fingers his ass and when he's ready I toss him a butt plug. He slowly slides the latex invader deep in his beefy butt and when it is in place goes back to working on his cock. He gets hard very quickly and poses with his leg in the air.

He flips over on his stomach but can't lay flat because his dick is too hard! He comes up on his knees in doggy position and gives us a generous view of his plugged ass and then flips back on his back to work on his cock. He gets is hard and enjoys jerking it until I ask him to take the toy out and show us his hole. He does and then after he flexes his sphincter for the camera, fucks his ass with a vibrator. Max gets on his knees with the vibrator in his ass and it stays in place, hands free.

He flips over on his back and puts the big red butt plug in his ass. He starts working on his thick dick and gets hard quickly. He uses both hands on his cock and balls and soon shoots a load on his hairy belly. He tells us how his orgasm felt and then pulls his legs up. He pulls the plug out in a tight close up and spreads his aching hole so we can inspect the damage!
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Signature Series: Max

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