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JackBuddies #71

Max is 35, stocky, hairy and has some ink. Austin is 27, tall, blonde and smooth. They make an interesting pair. You might think the older ''daddy'' would fuck the younger ''son'' but you'd be wrong. It is Austin who tops the more mature man and fucks the hell out of him! And there are no complaints from Dad!

Max and Austin arrive at the studio straight from their day jobs and need to get cleaned up. They get naked and take turns shaving as we look over their shoulders. After their hygiene session they get comfortable on the studio. Austin tells me that he wants to fuck Max who is taken aback by the idea of bottoming. But we shall see! They start kissing and exploring each others hot bodies. The contrast of Austin's youthful blonde, lithe smooth body with Max's mature hairy and beefy physique is interesting. Austin takes charge early on and has Max on his back naked in no time!

Austin sucks Max in long strokes almost gagging on his cock. It must feel good because Max starts fucking into Austin's mouth! Max's balls seem to intrigue Austin and he gives them a lot of attention. Of course Max's balls are worthy of such adoration as they are hefty cum filled orbs in a low hanging sac! But Max is eager to get his mouth on Austin's perfect cock and strips off his briefs. Austin makes him kiss him before surrendering his cock. Max isn't used to kissing dudes but sometimes it's worth it! He goes down on Austin and sucks his cock and licks his balls. And speaking of balls, Max's own huge balls look like a shopping bag! Max must suck cock pretty good because Austin starts fucking his mouth and enjoying the hell out of it!

Some mutual sucking in a side by side 69 leads to Austin face fucking Max who is on his knees. He holds the back of his head and rams his cock down his throat as he slaps his ass. Austin starts talking to Max about his ass and how he wants to fuck it. And Max seems to want it, too. Austin throws Max on his back and gets his legs in the air so they can kiss before he starts stretching his ass with toys. Austin finger fucks Max, working two digits deep into the hairy, beefy butt as Max spreads wide. Fingers are followed by two vibrators.

When Max is sufficiently prepped, he sucks Austin's cock getting him harder than ever and slides a condom on. Austin buries his cock to the hilt in Max's tight ass as he slams his cock deeper and deeper. Next he gets him standing against the mirror and you see the thrusting in a tight close-up shot from below. After slamming him into the mirror, Austin gets Max on his back with his legs in the air. This is what he has wanted all along. He guides his cock all the way in until his blonde pubes touch Max's ass as he fucks him in long deep strokes. Max just surrenders to Austin and the sight of the more mature man letting the younger one have control is very mesmerizing. They fuck until Max can t take anymore and he offers to jerk Austin off.

Now Austin loves the little latex jac-sleeve; he calls it his pocket pussy. Max puts it on his buddy's cock and Austin tells him just how to use it. He jacks Austin's dick until he shoots a hot load all over his own face and in his mouth! Then he cleans up the gooey mess he made by sucking Austin's cock! Max tries the jac-sleeve, too but decides that his own hand is better and it's a good thing that's what he wants because Austin's orgasm has left him totally exhausted! Max shoots his hot load across Austin's chest. The two men hit the shower and Austin puts Max through a routine so he knows how to shower for the camera. Austin soaps Max down and seems to be paying a lot of attention to the ass he just fucked, and Max isn't complaining!
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JackBuddies #71

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