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Dustin and The ManRammerr

If masculine straight men in heavy ass play is your thing, this is your video. Take one 28 year old tanned blonde man and add five pounds of latex shaped like a killer cock, focus the camera and stand back! Dustin has become a power bottom with a definite vocal knack. Do not miss this video of almost 2 hours of hot male ass play!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Dustin has poured a stiff drink and is relaxing with a good friend. But he wants to clear the air. He isn't gay but it's cool that you are and he wants to know what you find attractive about him. He teases you with abs and even oils them for your inspection. It's hot watching his hands glide over his tanned pecs and biceps as he spreads the baby oil and pinches his nipples. He continues the tease playing with the blonde hair in his pits. He strips down to a skimpy pair of tight white Lycra briefs and starts massaging his cock and balls. The tease here is spell bounding as he plays with his hard dick and cum filled balls. He strips the shorts off and gets his legs in the air jacking his dick as he shows you his ass. He spreads his cheeks and talks directly to you as he enjoys his own body.

Now that he's naked and hard he asks what you want him to do: suck your cock, lick your balls, and then what you want to do to him: lick his chest, suck his cock, or fuck him. And if you want to fuck him, how do you want to do it? He shows you some hot positions to help you decide. In doggy position he flexes his pink hole to entice you. Is it working?

Since you aren't there for him to suck, he gets out a huge dildo and starts showing you how he gives a good blow job. On his back with his legs up high and wide, Dustin gets fucked by the same enormous cock. Moaning, groaning and whimpering in between begging to be fucked you see what a power bottom he has become! When he gets on his knees he demands cock in his ''virgin territory!'' He gets piston fucked, long and hard and even spreads his hole for some heavy abuse. Then he takes control of the dildo and fucks his own ass leaning on the big mirror. If you aren't sure he's enjoying this, take a look at his cock! With clothes pins used as nipple clamps to heighten the experience starts sucking the dildo that fucked him so hard and deep. The 10'' cock almost disappears into his tight hole as he fucks his butt. He works his own ass over grinding his hops down on the dildo braced against his own foot. With both hands working his cock he groans, ''oh, fuck me,'' repeatedly and shoots his load all the way up his chest to his neck! When he pulls the toy out I was amazed at how much of it he took! Spreading his just fucked hole for your inspection, he makes his hole wink at the camera.
amateur homemade porn
amateur homemade porn

Amateur Video Scene 2:

A few weeks later and the ManRammer has become Dustin's favorite fuck-toy. He's back for another toy shoot and promises this will be a great shoot! He starts out with a cleansing enema after which he gets right into the toys or rather they get into him! He gets his dick hard and the camera moves in for loving, lustful close-ups of his naked body from his face to his pits to his chest to his hard cock and balls you are so close you could lick him. Hmm, not a bad idea!

He gets his cock hard and lies down on the floor. We shove a big red butt plug in his ass and make him flip over on his knees. He gets paddled with a leather paddle as he squirms with the plug being driven deeper in his butt. He wasn't expecting that! His pale white buns turn red in contrast with his tanned back. But he likes it! He poses with his raw ass and plug and then gets in bed. After getting his cock rock hard he starts working on his hungry ass. First he uses a small vibrator but quickly moves on to the big red butt plug which seems to be a favorite of a lot of my guys! The plug allows him to use both hands on his cock and balls to heighten his experience. He flips over on his knees but doesn't let go of his hard dick. His hips fuck his fist as he moans in pleasure. Dustin works his way thorough the toys each larger than before intensifying his erotic experience. He keeps his stiff cock in hand and even gets fucked with a vibrator while he moans in ecstasy. You can hear his ass pop as the toy punch fucks his hole. His next toy is a glass butt plug that allows you to see how dilated his ass is. He enjoys that for awhile and then fucks his ass with a beer bottle and then a fresh organic zucchini!

Dustin fucks his own ass and then gets thoroughly fucked with the zucchini before he expels it, hands free! Tight close ups of his pulsating ass vouch for his enjoyment! Now it is time for the main event: the ManRammer dildo! He lubes the enormous dildo throws his legs in the air and aims it at his tight hole. Dustin fucks his ass ramming the latex cock deep in his throbbing hole and then I take control of the dildo. ''Oh, yeah fuck me,'' he moans as the ManRammer disappears into his ass. He gets fucked longer, harder and deeper than he ever has and he loves every minute (or inch) of it! After a long, very vocal, very hard fuck, he inserts the huge dildo as deep as he can and starts working on his cock. Watch as he maneuvers the fake cock deeper in his ass with his foot as he jerks his cock. There is no doubt what he wants! He shoots spurt after spurt of hot thick cum on his tanned chest, scoops it up on his finger and eats his own sweet cum! I bet the guys at the tire shop never saw him do that!
amateur homemade porn
amateur homemade porn
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Dustin and The ManRammer

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