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Signature Series: Alan

Alan was referred by another model who was his brother-in-law. I thought he was cute and fun to work with but didn't hear from him after his first shoot. He called about four months later and explained why: he was in a bad snow mobile accident in upstate New York. We kept in touch and I monitored his recovery and was glad when he showed up almost a year to the date of his first shoot! He is 25 when we start. He is 5' 11, has a naturally smooth body, a cut cock and incidentally one of the pretties asses I have ever seen!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Alan is in the studio for his first shoot and we are just talking casually. He gives us his vital statistics, what he does for fun and more importantly, his sexuality, how he lost his virginity and what he's into now. He has a great smile and an easy going personality. He goes through a costume posing session where we get to see bits and pieces of his tanned and toned body. As he gets more relaxed the costumes get smaller and smaller until he is on the sofa in a jock strap with his legs in the air! This starts a very sexy butt show that has Alan in a lot of come-fuck-me positions on his back, stomach and knees! There are so many butt shots, spread cheek shots and tight close ups that we even talk about it.

Alan oils his torso and his hands naturally work their way down to his cock and hefty balls. He plays with his dick until it gets rock hard and his balls pull up tight. The oil on his torso shows every muscle as he strains to get off. Drenched with sweat he shoots into his hand and takes a hot shower as we watch. A short posing session follows with wet hair showing fore and aft! Alan also does some sphincter exercises fro the camera!
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amateur homemade porn

Amateur Video Scene 2:

It is almost one year later and Alan is back after a terrible snowmobiling accident in upstate New York. He injured his shoulder and it is still a little tender. He is shirt less and looks great although and has agreed to do a very special shoot. When he drops his pants (he is going commando) his cock is already getting hard so I move in for some close ups and get to play with it a bit! We take some pictures with him standing and he keeps working on his cock to keep it at attention.

I'am anxious to get to the main part of the shoot, so Alan gets in bed naked and puts on quite a butt show as he shows us his very pretty little pink hole in every position we can think of! We get a real good look at his ass and even get to watch as he does some exercises to relax his virgin hole. We talk a little bit about his ass and what he has experienced so far which isn't much. It seems a girl tried but we all know how ineffective that must have been! I had him some lube and suggest a position where he can reach his ass and let him go to it. He fingers his hole and jacks his cock. Soon he is relaxed enough to try a small butt plug. He jacks his hard dick enjoying the sensation in his ass for the first time. He poses with the butt plug on his back with his legs up, on his stomach with his cheeks spread and on his knees. He jacks his cock and then pulls the plug out in a tight close up.

Next is a vibrator which he approaches with intense curiosity. Once he has it in his ass and his cock is harder than ever, he fucks his butt. He likes the feeling and it shows! He flips over on his knees in a doggy position and the vibrator stays in his ass hands-free! I get to play with his hard dick, fuck his butt with the toy and even finger fuck him. His dick is so hard it thumps on the bed as I play with it! After a short break Alan is back in bed trying to get the big red butt plug in his ass. He wants something that he doesn't have to hold so he can devote all his attention to his throbbing cock. By relaxing and deep breathing, he gets the plug firmly in his ass and poses on his back with his legs up, on his knees and on his stomach spreading his butt.

He settles in getting ready to work on his cock. Using baby oil he works his cock with both hands getting it hard as can be. He jerks his dick and his balls pull up tight. I spray some oil on his chest and he rubs it in and plays with his nipples. But most of his attention and all of his thoughts are on his cock and bustin' a nut. He shoots a very thick load of white cum on his belly and giggles with some nervous tension. He stands up and poses with his hard dick and red butt plug and then gets back in bed to remove the plug in another tight close up. We talk about the shoot and what he has experienced and then I ask him The Question: Have you ever sucked cock? His answer and the subsequent conversation will surprise and delight you. Alan takes a hot shower and we get another hot butt shot as the camera fades out.
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amateur homemade porn
amateur homemade porn
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Signature Series: Alan

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