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JackBuddies #68

There was a sexual energy between these that I never suspected. Austin was with me the day I shot Kurt's solo. He had wanted to learn some still and video techniques and I thought this was a great opportunity. I never suspected that this video would come out of this; I never thought about shooting them together. But when I saw Austin grab his crotch and show so much interest in Kurt, I knew I had to do it! They are both in their mid twenties, fair and thought basically straight, sexually open and curious. They also share a love of skating and all high adrenaline sports. Austin is manning the camera at times and like any first-timer he's a bit shaky...not sure what my excuse is!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

The first scene is a solo featuring Kurt a 23 year old red head skater-boi. He even rode his board to the studio! It has been about 2 years since his last shoot and as we catch up on what he's been doing, we learn a bit more about him in a short interview when he produces a big dildo. ''I love to get fucked!'' he says. I ask him to set both toys aside for now and strip. He gets naked and settles in on the sofa allowing us to get a good up close and personal look at him. He has a skater tan: tank top and board short tan lines and his girl trimmed his pubes severely! Austin is in the studio with us and I am teaching him some video technique. We guide Kurt through some posing and Austin keeps snapping away. We see it all including his hot ass and his confession that getting fucked doggy style is his favorite. Think I'll file that little bit of info use later!

I set him up with some lube and toys and let him go wild. He starts fingering his ass with one finger and says two is kind of tight! When he's relaxed he starts using a small vibrator on his ass and starts working on his cock as he fucks himself. Next is a longer and wider glass dildo followed by a much bigger and wider vibrator. After he fucks his butt he shows you how deep he had it. Kurt takes a big red butt plug next and takes it all way to the flange. He lost his hard-on and Austin suggests he use a Fifi or flash-jac to get it back. He likes the Fifi (a jail term for a synthetic pussy) and the combination of the plug and the Fifi make him feel really good. Austin jumps in and jacks Kurt's cock helping him pose with his legs in the air. Next Kurt goes for the glass butt plug which lets us see how open his ass is. After posing and playing with the plug he gets rid of it and goes back to working on his neglected cock. I should tell you that he removes both butt plugs in close ups so tight you can almost hear his ass slam shut!

We toss him a zucchini, tell him to pull his legs up and make it disappear! ''For real?'' he asks. ''For real!'' we reply. And with a little help from Austin, he succeeds! With the zucchini totally in his ass he goes back to his cock and the Fifi. Jacking his dick gets him rock hard and he's ready for a bigger toy. So he pops the green toy out hands free as Austin keeps shooting his ass. Next Kurt sits on a jelly dildo and rides it as he jacks his cock until his ass can't take any more. He slides off the fake dick and shoots a load on his belly and hand. When he stands up to show off his load, the camera catches a last lingering drop of juice on his spent cock before he tells you how the shoot felt. I ask him for one last winking butt shot and Austin surprises him with a finger when he bends over! Kurt leaves for a skateboard session.

Amateur Video Scene 2:

A few days later and I have both Austin and Kurt back in the studio again. But this shoot is different. I want to see if the sexual tension and flirting I saw in Kurt's last shoot can be translated into a hot sexual coupling. They start out fully clothed making out. They get into the kissing and feeling each other's body. I had told Austin that he was going to have to take the lead in the seduction and he takes his role as teacher very seriously. As they kiss they begin to strip each other's shirts off and feel the other's cock through their jeans. Kurt licks his way down Austin's taut abdomen dropping to his knees to undo his pants. He starts sucking Austin's cock taking almost all eight inches down his throat as Austin moans appreciatively. He licks Austin's balls taking them in his mouth as he jacks his dick. When he goes back to sucking Austin garbs the back of his head and fucks his mouth.

They trade places and Austin goes down on Kurt. He licks his cock and sucks it until standing up for some more kissing. They fondle each other's cock as they kiss and all this kissing leads to more cocksucking with Austin back on his knees. He jerks his dick as he sucks Kurt's cock. Austin has never been known for his cocksucking but for some reason he is more into it in this shoot! They kiss some more before Austin says, ''I gotta get you in bed!'' In bed they start sixty-nining which makes them both happy! They suck and suck and you see it all in long shots and tight close ups not missing a single slurp! Kurt comments on the size of Austin's dick and asks if he wants to fuck him. And you just know Austin said yes!

Kurt looses up with a vibrator and the big red butt plug. They get back in bed and Kurt has a butt plug in his ass and a cock in his mouth. He is water-tight and happy! He gets Austin's cock rock hard, slides a condom on it and sits right down on it. Kurt begins riding the big piece of meat that's in his ass but when Austin starts thrusting, he goes wild. Never having been fucked like this he cries out in sexual ecstasy. They change to a side by side spooning position kissing as they fuck. Austin fucks him hard and fast going deeper and deeper in his ass before getting him on his back with his legs up. In that position Austin can bury his dick in the willing skater boy.

Austin fucks him doggy style which is Kurt's favorite and I can tell he wasn't lying! He goes crazy as Austin buries his cock begging him to slap his ass! And Austin does! They fuck and fuck and you see it all including some tight close ups with great penetration! Next Kurt sits on Austin and rides his cock getting very vocal about the abuse his but is taking. When he can't take another inch of cock in his ass, Austin shoots a big thick load all over Kurt's upturned face. The two men take a long hot shower taking turns soaping each other's exhausted bodies. The hot water and steam feel good to them as they kiss. Austin drops to his knees and as he lathers Kurt's hairy legs he playfully licks his cock. And when he's on his knees, Kurt starts sucking Austin's dick again. He can't get enough! Kurt buries his face in Austin's blonde arm pit as we fade out.

A funny out-take is included for your pleasure!

JackBuddies #68

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