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JackBuddies #67

Three very hot men, all in their twenties, basically straight but no stranger to hot male sex are featured in this video! Two scenes with two men each highlight just how much fun they can have when they relax and go with the flow! They kiss, they suck and damn how they fuck! Cum is everywhere and they are more than satisfied! Filmed in long shots and close ups that could be used in a proctology classroom you will see everything! The audio has some occasional static but doesn't interfere with the sexual intensity portrayed here!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Kissing and making out, they run their hands over each other's chests and grab crotches before Ryan drops to his knees. He drops Brandon's pants and starts sucking his cock. Brandon moans as Ryan's lips and tongue pay oral homage to his rock hard cock and hefty balls. They switch places as Brandon drops to his knees and reciprocates with some serious cocksucking of his own! He has trouble with the thickness of the massive meat being shoved down his throat but tries to take it all.

Now that they are naked and well acquainted, they get in bed and resume sucking face and trading blow jobs. Ryan throws Brandon's legs in the air and starts licking his butt. His tongue concentrates on Brandon's little pink hole. They get into a 69 and hungrily suck each other's hard dicks. Brandon surprises Ryan by shoving a butt plug up his ass as he blows him. For his part, Ryan doesn't miss a beat! But when he says he's going to fuck him, Ryan's interest builds! Brandon pulls the butt plug out and replaces it with his hard dick and starts pumping Ryan's fleshy ass.

Brandon pulls Ryan up on his knees and buries his cock to the hilt. Ryan buries his face in the pillow, spreads his cheeks and takes the doggy style fuck like the man he is. Brandon fucks him in long low strokes. Next he gets Ryan standing up braced against the mirror and fucks him some more. You see it from all angles even some great underneath footage that shows the penetration. You will feel like you are there in the center of the action!

Next Ryan sits on Brandon's cock and rides it facing both ways. After some of the deepest hardest fucking I have ever seen, he gets Ryan on his back and fucks him some more. The tanned blonde is really enjoying the workout his ass is getting today! They kiss as they fuck and Ryan cums with all seven inches deep in his butt shooting a big load all over his tanned abs. They kiss as we fade out. A short scene featuring Dustin's ass almost ended up on the cutting room floor but was too hot not to share!
amateur homemade porn
amateur homemade porn

Amateur Video Scene 2:

It's a few minutes later and Brandon is resting in bed after his fucking workout! Dustin comes flying in asking what's up as he thought Brandon was going to fuck him. Assuring him there is enough cock to go around; Dustin falls in bed and starts sucking Brandon's much-in-demand cock! They change positions and Brandon takes Dustin's cock in his mouth for some expert oral attention. I have to say that Brandon looks hot on his knees sucking Dustin's cock. When he arches his back to get more cock in his mouth, it opens his delicious ass showing us some pink and his low hanging balls. Yum!

They move into a 69 position where they can both suck and get sucked at the same time. They 69 on their sides and then take turns being on top keeping the cock deep in their throats the whole time. Brandon uses some toys to relax his ass before he sits on Dustin's dick. Even with the vibrator prep he still has to struggle to get Dustin's cock in his tight hole. After quite a ride, Dustin gets Brandon on his back and fucks him hard and deep. Brandon moans, ''Oh, yeah,'' as Dustin's cock slides in and out of his tight ass. Just when I think Brandon is about to cum, Dustin flips him over and fucks him on his knees. He buries his cock deep in Brandon's ass and fucks away!

Now it is Brandon's turn to fuck and Dustin is the very willing bottom! On his back with his legs in the air, Dustin takes every inch of Brandon's dick. Once he gets in that tight ass Brandon doesn't quit and Dustin has to bit his lip to take the heavy pounding! But he isn't satisfied with that and fucks Dustin doggy style pulling his cock almost all the way out and ramming it back in. Dustin grunts appreciatively as he gets one hell of a fucking! Next he gets him leaning on the mirror and keeps fucking him as hard as he can. He fucks him unmercifully and just won't stop. Next Dustin squats on Brandon's cock as it fucks him raw! He gets very vocal as he gets rammed deeper and harder than ever before. He is as into it as it is into him!

Now that his ass is completely relaxed, Brandon gets him back on his back and fucks him as hard as he can. Dustin spreads his legs as wide as he can to get more cock in his ass! Brandon shoots all over Dustin's upturned spread ass; Dustin shoots on Brandon's face!
amateur homemade porn
amateur homemade porn

JackBuddies #67

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