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Signature Series: Andrew

Andrew is 23 and just out of the Air Force and if you are into masculine Latin men, here's your guy! I met him in a restaurant where he's working. A fellow photographer gave him my card; he called and three days later he was at the studio! He is Puerto Rican and stands 6 feet tall weighing in at a solid 180. He showed up shaved but agreed to let things grow out! We start with his very first shoot where he is so nervous he can hardly smile and then go to his to his fourth shoot where he gives his hot ass a very thorough work out! I pretty much just let the camera roll with very little editing so the viewer can experience the whole shoot. He talks a lot about women and about how his ass feels when he has a toy in it and not all of it is pleasant but it is real! Spending almost 2 hours with this masculine straight stud and his deep voice is time well spent!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Andrew starts out in his tee shirt and jeans just as he walked into the studio. I explain what's going on today and encourage him to relax. I coach him through a slow strip that reveals his sexy body in stages. When I ask him to turn around he warns me that he has a hairy butt! And he does! He looks so serious until he breaks out into a big warm smile! He ever so slightly details out his past and his personality emerge as he poses for my camera. When his cock is reveled he is almost hard and it looks like a big one! Now that's a good sign! We go through a costume shoot showing him in denim, a jock strap and foot ball jersey, and some beach wear. All of this makes him more comfortable in a new situation. We work down from jeans through shirts and hats to a pair of tight white briefs.

We finally get him in bed wearing the briefs (which show a nice bulge, btw!) and I coach him through removing his shorts with his legs in the air. This gives us some hot butt shots. And what a butt!! OMG talk about furry hot male ass! We have struck gold! After he strips the shorts off he puts on a butt show for us and even gets on his knees like he's going to get fucked doggy style! When he spreads his cheeks in that position he comments that he, ''sure could use a waxing there!'' He is not shy about showing his tight pink virgin hole and after we get a good look (with a lot of tight close ups) he gets comfortable on his back.

He starts rubbing his chest with baby oil and works his way to his biceps and down to his cock and balls. It responds quickly and he devotes all his attention to his thick cut dick and its huge head. He gets close to busting too soon so I get him to stand up and pose with his cock standing up like a flag pole! It is a successful delaying tactic and gives us more time to enjoy this hot guy! He gets back in bed and as he jacks his dick shoots a big load. His cum is white and thick, and puddles at the base of his cock. He stands up and we see his load dripping down his hairy leg. He bends over and spreads his ass and we see cum dripping off his cock and balls. Andrew takes a long hot shower as we watch and then dries off. After he gets dressed he gives a short session where he drops trou for front and back views. We agree to do another shoot and he's off to work!

Amateur Video Scene 2:

A few weeks have passed and Andrew has done several shoots. He is completely relaxed with the concept and the camera. He has also gotten used to playing with his ass! Once we start, we can see that his shaved chest is growing out but his ass has been trimmed. He gets in bed and as he finishes his beer I put on a porn video and his cock starts to harden and you see it all in close-ups. When his cock is fully erect he greases his finger and begins to finger his ass. He fingers his butt to get is ready for the vibrator that I hand him to slide into his butt. It almost disappears as he begins to fuck his ass. I hand him another toy and when he pulls the vibrator out his cock jumps as his tight ass slams shut! The next toy is a pink dildo that just happens to fit into the strap-on harness that we use when a girl fucks one of our men. Am I thinking ahead? Andrew fucks his butt with the slim dildo and keeps his cock rock hard. Between jacking and fucking he gets some good motion going and seems to be surprised how good it feels!

He struggles to get the bigger toy in his ass and after two attempts gets about seven inches buried. He is working his dick and says he's about to cum! I ask him to stop jerking and hold off for awhile. (I have more plans for him today!) Watching him turn over on his knees to fuck his ass doggy style is a turn on as he maneuvers to get his ass in the air. He fucks his ass pretty good and even lets me take a ''stab'' at it! Next Andrew tries the big red butt plug. He tries really hard several times and eventually I suggest he try the glass one instead. Again he tries and tries but his ass is just too tight!

I always have a Plan B, so I suggest he try a beer bottle. He gets the whole neck up his ass and jacks his hard cock. When he has mastered the bottle, he goes for a jelly dildo shaped like a cock and takes it all the way to the hilt! He fucks his butt and jacks his cock and then gets his legs in the air for some realistic fucking. This is definitely the closest Andrew has come to being fucked! He says it makes his ass feel full, so he goes back to the strap on dildo and gets some really deep fucking action and he even talks about how it feels to get fucked. It's enough to make you cum! Before he gets on his knees to get fucked doggy style he spreads his dilated hole which is still pulsing from the action it's seen!

Being a real trooper he tries the red plug again but can't quite get it in and asks to borrow a plug so he can practice at home! Talk about cooperative! Next I hand him a fresh zucchini and he slides it deep into his stretched hole. He takes all but about 2 inches and it is so deep that it stays in by it self! He even gets his legs up high and wide with his green toy and then flips over on his knees! After giving us a good look, he expels the zucchini using just his ass muscles and then we get down to the serious business of ejaculation! Andrew sits on the rubber cock he fucked himself with before and rides the faux dick until he shoots an enormous load! He spreads his butt and lets the air escape that he's just fucked in and then tell you just how it all felt!

Signature Series: Andrew

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