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JackBuddies #66

There is nothing hotter to me then when two basically straight men get totally into screwing each other! Brandon and Austin clicked and really got into the action...they are not acting! Here we have two men in their mid-twenties with lean tanned athletic bodies abandoning their inherent sexuality for a scorching walk on the wild side!

Austin and Brandon are in the studio on the sofa shirtless. Though they have met many times in the studio and at my house, this will be the second time they have ''been together.'' The first was a flip flop fuck for my website that turned out so well I wanted to shoot a longer more tryst as a feature length video. They start out talking about their last shoot and start making out. They get each other naked as they kiss and Austin lies down as Brandon starts to blow him. He sucks the hunky blonde's cock and licks his nuts giving him some expert oral attention. Naturally Austin's cock responds and he is rock hard in no time as he encourages and coaches Brandon on what to do and how it feels. He asks Brandon to get his ass ready for a good fucking which leads to some fucking with his fingers and then a vibrator. The vibrator slides into Austin's ass as his cock slides into Brandon's mouth creating some intense pleasure for both men. To keep his ass ready, Austin slides a big glass butt plug in place as he enjoys Brandon's hot sucking.

They change positions and it is Austin's turn to suck. He deep throats Brandon's 8 inch cut cock and when he pulls it out of his mouth we can hear the suction pop! He licks his balls and puts them in his mouth one by one causing Brandon to writhe in pleasure. Working his fingers down to Brandon's ass he starts to finger his hole as he continues sucking. I don't know which he likes better, but something is making Brandon moan. ''Your fuckin' ass is tight,'' Austin tells him. Turn about is fair play as kisses Brandon and slides a vibrator deep in that tight hole. Brandon flips over and starts sucking Austin and gets him really hard so he can put a condom on. Austin slides his cock all the way into Brandon's tight ass fucking him in long deep strokes as Brandon moans. He is on his side with one leg over Austin's shoulder. After awhile he pulls both legs to his chest and still on his side gets fucked even deeper. His moans are louder and very real. Very Real! Austin flips him from on his side to on his back and never takes his cock out of his ass. Brandon keeps moaning and groaning as Austin's cock fucks him harder and faster; Brandon holds his legs up high and wide for deeper strokes. They fuck as a team.

Next Brandon stands up and Austin bends him over a table sliding all of his cock deep into the lean, muscular and tanned stud as his disposal! More moaning as he gets dicked deeper then ever. Shot from between their legs you see it all in close ups and then see both men in a long shot. Brandon gets on his knees and Austin gets him in a deep doggy style fuck. He spreads his ass for some of the best penetration shots I have ever done. Lost in their own world of animalistic sexual passion the two men forget about me and the camera as they react to the pleasure they are experiencing. They fuck in this position for quite awhile until Brandon gets on his back with his legs in the air. Austin fucks him harder and harder and they kiss as they fuck, and I love watching straight men kiss especially when they actually get into it! Austin says its his turn to get fucked and pulls his cock out of Brandon's ass and spreads the just fucked hole for our inspection!

Austin starts sucking Brandon's cock to get him rock hard and when that happens (which isn't long!) he puts a condom on. Austin lies down on his back as Brandon shoves his cock deep into his ass. It hurts at first and Austin winces in pain but he knows its going to feel very good very soon! Brandon gives as good as he got and fucks his partner with long deliberate strokes. Austin says he can feel it in his throat which is only a slight exaggeration! He fucks Austin on his side, on his back with his legs up and then on his side again with his legs pulled up to his chest. Austin even pulls his ass cheeks open to allow Brandon's cock deeper in his ass!

Brandon bends Austin over the same table that he got bent over and rams his hard cock as deep and as hard as he can. Austin gasps at the invasion but doesn't push him away! After some tight penetration shots and good fucking, Brandon pushes Austin flat on the bed as his cock dives into the blonde's waiting ass. He fucks him as deep as he can and the two men keep talking to each other about what they are doing and how it feels! They are extremely verbal fucks! He pulls Austin's ass up until he's on his knees getting fucked doggy style. They fuck and again it is balls to the wall take no prisoner fucking. When he pulls his cock out of Austin's ass he spreads it wide for us to see the tight little hole he just tore up!

But he's not through yet and he slams his cock back into Austin's ass his balls slapping against his bottom's ass. They fuck in this position until Brandon wants Austin's legs in the air. Now Brandon has Austin just where he wants him and he drives his cock deep into the ass under him. They fuck and fuck and when he pulls out we get to see Austin's ass in all its just fucked glory. They are ready to get off, so Brandon goes down on Austin and lick's his balls while Austin jacks off. Brandon takes matters in hand and applies some baby oil on Austin's cock and then slides it into a jac-sleeve and starts beating his buddy off until he shoots on his face! Brandon jerks his own cock and shoots on Austin's chest who is just too exhausted to complain! (straight guys HATE dealing with another man's juice!) They head for the shower and take turns soaping each other down's they kiss.
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JackBuddies #66

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