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Ryan: A Talented Ass Hole

The real star of this video is Ryan's sphincter! We started this shoot with no particular direction but when his ass started grabbing the toys and actually pulling them into his body a video was born! You may never see anal action like this again!

Ryan is in the studio for a toy shoot and is already naked. He's on the sofa spread out inviting us to enjoy his sexy tanned body. He is ready, willing and very eager! He talks to us and shows us his tight hole. He announces plain and simple that he wants to get fucked. The camera pans over his body in close ups so tight you feel like you are on the sofa with him. He starts working on his cock which springs to life in no time. He jacks his dick as I get the toys ready. Some nice close ups show his big cock and balls. As I start to finger his ass he lifts his legs in anxious anticipation of an anal work out. But he is too eager and I want him to know who's in charge. I also want his hole to be even more eager. Fingering his ass does the trick as one and then two fingers work their way deep into his quivering hole. He keeps his legs spread wide and works on his cock until I am ready to fuck him with a vibrator.

The vibrating action is one of his favorite feelings and he almost takes the entire seven inches. He gets fucked quite awhile and after freshening his lube, takes the long pink toy that we use in our strap-on fucks. He can't wait for a chick to fuck him with a strap-on and I bet that's coming real soon! His ass pops as the toy slides in and out. He begins to moan in a low soft breathless growl that tells me just how he feels. Next is the big white vibrator and he holds his legs up to make sure it gets in good and deep! I make him fuck his own ass as I snap a few pictures and then slide a big red butt plug into his hungry hole. Ryan jacks his cock and I take a few more pictures. I apply some baby oil and take control of his hard dick jacking it with fast and then slow strokes. He moans in appreciation but the remarkable thing is his ass: his sphincter reacts to the motion of his cock and the butt plug moves like it is alive! It pulls up into his body and then almost releases all in reaction to the pressure applied to his cock. Playing with his cock is great (apparently for both of us!!) and his cock slaps against his belly when I release it.

We exchange the latex butt plug for a glass one which his ass seems to like even more. I think it's the extra weight of the plug that causes his sphincter to work harder that gives him the added enjoyment. It is amazing how active his ass is and his cock deserves some fame too! It is big, and thicker in the middle than at either end kind of like a torpedo. And man does it get hard! To cap off this strenuous anal work out we go back to some digital stimulation and this time 3 fingers disappear in his ass. This is probably some of the most intense finger/ass play I have ever seen and is HOT!!

After a short break we get back to work on his beautiful butt. Starting with fingers again we move on to a beer bottle. Ryan gets fucked with the bottle for some time before we exchange it for a zucchini. The coolness of the vegetable soothes his stretched hole. He gets fucked with the zucchini and then I go back to work on his cock. As I jerk his dick his ass pulls the green toy deeper and deeper into his hungry hole (I think hungry is especially appropriate here as we are dealing with an edible commodity, don't you?) After fun with vegetables is over he removes the toy hands free using his talented ass hole!

Next is a rather thick, life-like latex cock that came with our strap-on harness, which he takes to the hilt for some good footage of him getting fucked in close ups and long shots that show his facial expressions. He pulls his legs back as far as he can and gets fucked long and deep with the pink strap-on toy from before. He takes all 8 inches but it feels too deep, so we go back to the thicker one. Seems thickness feels better to him than length! He gets fucked by another latex cock and balls and we plug him with the red butt plug to keep his hole stretched while he changes positions. Now Ryan is bent over the sofa on his knees doggy style with the butt plug firmly in place. I pull the plug out in a tight close up that shows how firmly his sphincter garbs the toys. He gets fucked with the pink strap-on toy and then we go back to the life-like dildo and fuck him some more. After a thorough fucking we bring out the huge ManRammer dildo and ram it home. It has always been a favorite of his and he moans and groans as he gets fucked. Actually it has always surprises me how many of my guys have preferred this toy. The dildo goes all the way in and out as I piston fuck this hot stud. Wonder what his girl would think of this? I bet the look on his face would stun her! I make him spread his own ass as I fuck it long and hard as he whimpers appreciatively. You can hear his asshole snap closed as the dildo is pulled all the way out and then shoved right back in!

After a very thorough fucking, he jacks his cock standing before the large studio mirror. He is such a handsome man and his tanned figure and blonde hair look great working his hard cock. He compares the ManRammer with his own substantial meat and is proud that his cock is wider! He gets on the sofa on his back with his legs over the sofa's back and shoves the manrammer in his ass. Jerking his cock furiously as he fucks his ass he shoots on his chest and chin. He was trying to hit his open mouth and tongue but just didn t make it! He sits up and tells you about the shoot and how it felt. He shows you each of the toys he got fucked with. Exhausted, maybe drained but quite happy and content, Ryan says, ''since I'm all opened up what don't you just fuck me?''
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Ryan: A Talented Ass Hole

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