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JackBuddies #65

After shooting over 300 basically straight (gay-for-pay) men, I think I know a thing or two about them and the process of ''expanding their horizons!'' This video has 3 scenes shot over a 3 month period. The first scene is very awkward as Dustin touches a man sexually for the first time. He is strictly top trade. In the second he loosens up a bit and sucks cock and takes a facial cum shot. In the third he sucks cock and bottoms with great gusto. You get to see his progress, but I need to tell you an important event that happened between the first and second shoots: his brother Austin, fessed up about his gay for pay videos!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Kyle and Dustin start out in the studio and I ask them to start by Kyle kissing Dustin. Kyle is an old hand at this having starred in over 20 videos, but Dustin is very nervous. He will allow Kyle to lick and kiss him (not on the mouth) but will not reciprocate. This is a challenge I am going to enjoy. Kyle drops to his knees and starts working on Dustin's cock through his shorts. When his shorts are dropped to the floor Dustin grins nervously and Kyle goes for his cock. He gets hard as Kyle blows him and works so hard that he actually tears up!

Dustin isn't relaxing so I suggest they take a shower. I figure the hot water will relax him while he gets more used to Kyle's hands on him. Kyle soaps the handsome blonde man front and back. My plan works as Dustin starts joking around and Kyle drops the soap twice! Dustin and Kyle are in bed and he is relaxed enough to give Kyle a little kiss on his lips. Kyle works on stripping him again and when he has his cock out, goes back to some intense sucking. I think I am probably going to have to pay Kyle combat pay for this shoot! Dustin lays back watching porn while Kyle takes over. He manages to get Dustin's legs in the air to rim his ass for a bit. When he tries to fuck Dustin, he is flipped on his knees and gets Dustin's cock up his ass! Dustin allows Kyle to shoot on his chest and then he totally blocks Kyle out as he jacks his cock and shoots a big load all over his tanned torso.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Almost a month later, the two have spent some time together and are much more comfortable. Dustin's brother has been telling him about some of his gay-for-pay work. So Dustin agrees to go further with Kyle, and they start out making out. Hands unzip jeans and fondle cocks and balls and Dustin strips Kyle's jeans off. He slides down to his knees and takes the hard uncut cock in his mouth. He gives the fat cock a tongue bath and sucks deep and hard as he cups Kyle's meaty balls. They reverse positions and Kyle kisses Dustin and licks his way down to his cock. Dustin pretends to be watching porn as Kyle blows him, but notice how his eyes are closed much of the time!

They kiss and Dustin says he wants to fuck Kyle. Kyle says, ''fuck me'' and it is game on! Dustin slides a finger deep in the cute brunette's ass and then fucks him with a vibrator. Kyle slides a condom on Dustin's hard cock and gets his legs in the air. Dustin mounts him and starts fucking but after a bit Kyle wants to go back to sucking and he does!

Kyle sucks Dustin until he shoots. He aims for Kyle's face but the cum either flies too far going over his head or too short landing on his shoulder. It's a shame because it is quite a load and would've looked hot dripping down Kyle's cheeks! Kyle sucks his cock and then Dustin goes down on Kyle. He sucks until Kyle shoots a big thick load all over Dustin's waiting face! And he gets covered with strings of hot man-juice all over his cheeks, mouth and chin! They talk about the shoot and Dustin, who is just shell-shocked about what he has just experienced collapses on the bed!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Another month passes and Dustin is back and ready to go further! This is the shoot I have been waiting for: he is going to get fucked! They start out fully dressed and start to make out. Their comfort level has greatly improved and I think they are actually enjoying the shoot. What a change from the first one where Dustin looked like he d rather be having a root canal! As they kiss they peel each other's shirts off. Kyle kisses and licks his way down Dustin's abdomen to his shorts which are soon on the floor around ankles. He works the blonde's cock and soon has all of it his young mouth. He sucks on the hard dick and then licks his way back up to Dustin's lips and then Dustin licks his way down Kyle's smooth torso to his thick uncut dick. He sucks on Kyle's tasty knob and after they exchange tongues hit the floor for some 69 action.

Now it's time for Dustin to get fucked! He prepares for this new experience with some toys going from a smaller vibrator to a larger one. He shoves a big red butt plug into his stretched hole to keep it ready for what he calls Kyle's beer-can cock! He sucks Kyle to get him hard and slides a condom on that fat dick and lies down on his side. Kyle moves into behind him and gets rid of the red butt plug replacing it with his cock. He pounds the butch blonde and then gets both of his legs up for some even harder thrusting which starts Dustin moaning and begging to be fucked! But he's not stopping there! He has Dustin stand up and then bend over hanging on chains from the ceiling and then rams his cock into his ass! The camera slides under Dustin between his legs to capture some of the deep penetration he is experiencing. Dustin is becoming a very vocal bottom and Kyle is reacting by fucking him even harder and deeper!

Dustin lies on his back with his legs up high and wide and Kyle buries his cock deep in his ass. They fuck long, hard and deep as Kyle keeps pounding Dustin's ass. His moans with each thrust convey the pleasure he's feeling. Kyle pins his legs so far over Dustin's head I thought he was going to wishbone him! But when he flips him over on his knees, Dustin gets fucked so deep I thought it might come out his mouth! Kyle grabs his hips and fucks the hell out of him! No mercy! And Dustin is not complaining! In fact he sits on Kyle's hard dick and rides it! His abs tense as the huge cock slides in and out of his butt. Kyle shoots a big thick load all over Dustin's just fucked ass and Dustin jacks off on Kyle's chest and the two men hit the showers much better friends than before!

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JackBuddies #65

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