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Dustin Gets Worked Over

This video was shot in two parts on the same day. The morning shoot is bondage, tit torture, toys and a cum shot. The afternoon session gets Dustin in a sling for the most intense ass play he has every experienced! It features a great cum shot also.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Dustin is in the studio in his street clothes. He is hand-cuffed and hung from chains in the ceiling. A blindfold covers his eyes. He is totally at our mercy as we explore this hunky guy's body in a way no man (or woman) has. His crotch is man-handled and his cock starts to strain in the jock strap containing it. His ass is roughly massaged trough his jeans before they drop to the floor. His ass is oiled and his moist ass crack is explored. He is paddled with a leather paddle until his cheeks turn red and a black butt plug is shoved in his ass. With his ass invaded it is time to work on the front. The sleeves of his shirt are ripped exposing his armpits. His pits are rubbed, pulled and tweaked as his nipples are violated. He is powerless to resist and juts takes the abuse.

Dustin is naked except for a jock strap. He is still strung up, cuffed and blindfolded. Things are about to get much more interesting! Clothes pins are applied to his pits, nipples and down his torso. Flash photography documents his humiliation and the fair skin of this hot blonde is red and welted. Our attention is turned to the jock strap as hands start to knead and massage the bulging pouch. His cock and balls are liberated and rubbed with oil. His cock responds quickly as it is jerked and teased. His balls are caressed and squeezed. We see the action from several angles including looking up from the floor past his hard cock to his strung up arms and blind-folded face. As his cock is manipulated a finger slides deep in his ass followed by the black butt plug. His cock is rock hard as the probe is replaced with an anal probe. He is forced to take all of the probe while his hard cock is jacked.

After a break Dustin is allowed down and made to stick the probe back in his ass although he is still cuffed. He is strung up again and nipple clamps are applied. The sight of this sexy blonde stud cuffed, blind-folded with nipple clamps and an anal probe swinging between his legs is a definite turn-on! He poses with the bondage props and then lays down on the floor for some legs up shots. He starts jacking his cock and fucking his butt. His abs ripple as he works his dick to produce a thick load that shoots all over his abdomen and chest. He tells us how it felt and then stands up with his load dripping down his sexy torso. A brief posing session follows before he bends over to pull the probe out and show you his just fucked hole in a tight close up.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

It is the afternoon of the same day and Dustin is in the sling. He knows the shoot involves toys but that's all he knows! His ass becomes the focus of our attention immediately as his cheeks get spread exposing his tiny pink hole. Describing his situation, Dustin says ''I'm in a sling, my legs are in the air, my ass is wide open. It looks like I'm gonna get fucked!'' And he says that sounds great to him! So we get started giving him some oil so he can get his cock hard.

He quickly gets his dick so hard it stands straight up as a finger slides in his tight ass. He gets thoroughly finger fucked before taking a black butt plug up his ass. His cock stays hard as his hole is stretched by two fingers and fucked by a vibrator. We get to see him spread wide from several angles before he takes large glass dildo. He is hard as his ass is fucked and his cock jacked. Next a larger vibrator slides up his ass and he fucks his butt and jacks his cock. But he says he doesn't like this toy, so we replace it with a cool zucchini which almost disappears!

Next is the BIG red butt plug followed by the glass one. Again he doesn't like the glass plug, so he gets the beer bottle instead. Hey, we aim to please! And we must have hit his happy spot, because he jerks his rock hard cock and fucks his butt which is getting a little sore! But we don't stop. He gets fucked with a neon red dildo and finally the HUGE Manrammer dildo. He gets fucked hard with the enormous faux cock and shoots all over his own ass. Totally spent, he talks directly to you about the next time!

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Dustin Gets Worked Over

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