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Brothers' Toy Box

Two brothers present some unique opportunities and some equally challenging problems! Here we have two hot men and we have to keep them from going too far sexually! Such a problem! But when I see them together, I know it is all worth it! 26 year old Austin and 28 year old Dustin are tanned, blondes, masculine and hung. They also have great asses! Here you will see them overcome their initial awkwardness at being naked and aroused in front of each other and relax as their sexual boundaries are blown away.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Austin proudly introduces you to his brother and as they talk about each other their strong bond is apparent. We do a little comparison shopping as each man flexes and strips. Though they are very relaxed and at ease as they undress they turn away from each other. I toss Austin a tape measure so they can check each other's sizes. They take turns measuring their necks, biceps, chests, waists, thighs and inseams. After the measuring is done, they model some underwear and jeans which helps relieve the tension.

A couple of weeks later the brothers are back. Dustin has done several shoots and is much more at ease in the studio and in front of the camera. Of course Austin is an old pro! They have agreed to jack off together which is another first for them. They start off clothed and to make them more comfortable they are separated by a folding screen as they strip. The shirts come off first and the camera comes in for close-ups of their tights abs and pecs. Next they unzip and reveal their cocks. After some comparisons their comfort level rises and their pants drop. Completely naked they pose front and back and even bending over and spreading their asses.

The brothers oil themselves and pose naked. It's hard to keep them in the same shot as they are separated by the folding screen, but it sure is hot seeing both of them at once. I gradually work them in front of the screen and we can finally see them side by side naked. There is some nervous laughter but they are soon at ease and even discuss each others have to hear it!

They are getting aroused so they take a seat on the sofa and begin to work on their cocks. They are watching porn and talk about the video, the girls and the action as they jerk their dicks. The camera moves around the room to capture the men from every angle. Tights close ups of their cocks and tanned chests bring you right into the action. At one point Austin gets up to change the video and the camera follows his bouncing cock across the room. As they get closer to cumming, a Florida tropical storm blows up and you can hear the thunder adding atmosphere. Austin is the first to get off shooting all over his tanned torso. He kicks back lets his brother Dustin continue. Dusting pumps his cock and soon shoots on his tanned belly. They stand up and check out the results of each other's labors. Back on the sofa they get their legs up for a comparison butt shot. I let the camera roll as they decompress from the shoot and we get to watch them move furniture in the nude!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

A month later Austin comes in with a shopping bag from a sex shop and is ready to play with some toys. He pops in a porno video, opens a beer, slides down his jeans and starts working on his dick. It responds quickly as he expertly handles his meat with his pants around his ankles. Austin genuinely enjoys playing with his cock and he does it very well as his other hand travels over his chest to his nipples and pits. We get to watch him for a bit and just when he is really getting in to it, Dustin comes home from work early! With a 6-pack in hand, he bursts in on his very embarrassed younger brother. Hiding his hard-on with his discarded jeans, Austin can only grin sheepishly and invite his brother to join in.

Taking a seat on the sofa Dustin strips off his shirt and drops his jeans. The first toy Austin gets out of the bag is a box of jack sleeves. One shaped like a mouth, one like a twat and one like an ass. Inviting Dustin to take his pick, they share some baby oil which they apply to their chests before settling down to some serious masturbation. Their curiosity gets the best of them and they start playing with the Jo sleeves. They seem to like the feeling as they jack their cocks in the latex fantasy sleeves and talk to each other about how it feels. They jack off and the brotherly chatter is very interesting!

When Austin tires to get another toy out of the bag, all the other toys fall out and Dustin sees the plugs and dildos! After the initial surprise wears off, he is game and under Austin's expert tutelage he goes for it! As we watch the two men slide small blue vibrators deep in their asses and start to fuck them selves.

Next is a latex prism that acts like a variable sized butt plug. The advantage being it stays in place and leaves both hands free for other delights! They enjoy the prisms until Austin talks Dustin into trying a much larger red dildo with a huge ball on the head! Their cocks stay rock hard as they fuck their butts. They flip over on their knees and fuck them selves doggy style. The guys work their cocks as the toys go deep in their hot asses. To Austin's great surprise, he suddenly cums in his had when the toy hits his prostrate! His reaction is priceless and guaranteed to please! After showing you his cum drenched palm, he pulls the dildo out and shows you his just fucked ass.

Now it is Dustin's turn and he goes for it with the same big red dildo deep in his ass. Austin chills on the floor watching the video as his brother jacks off on the sofa. Dustin's abs tighten as he starts to cum and he shoots a thick white load on his tanned 6-pack. He relaxes for a moment to allow us to see the fruit of his labor pulls the huge dildo out of his ass and spreads his just fucked hole!

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Brothers' Toy Box

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