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Signature Series: Rob Anthony

Rob is a beefy straight guy I met on a construction site. He is 28, 5 11 and has a dark tan from the Florida sun. His eyes are dark and full of mischief and fun; I can only guess what they have seen! He is ruggedly handsome and his tan body is beefy and moderately hairy. I am sure he was a cute kid, but he is now definitely a hot man. He is incredibly limber from his martial arts practice. If you like butch straight men and their asses, this video is for you! His final cum shot is one that should be in a museum! As kind of a funny aside, once I taught him how to flex his sphincter, he kept doing it when ever he spreads his cheeks!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Rob showed up for his first interview and I couldn't wait to get him naked for two reasons! First the outfit was cheesy and damn was he hot! So I got his shirt off and interviewed him about his statistics and his sexy life. He says he speaks Japanese and wants an Asian woman and tells us about some of the more unusual places he has made love. I am sure I want to work with him so we set up a date for his first shoot.

Two days later Rob is back in the studio and this time he came straight from work in his work clothes. No cheesy shirt! He has always been relaxed, so the shoot starts with him flexing in clothes as we work our way down to Naked! He poses, flexes and drops his pants and even shows you his hot ass before he gets all the way naked. It helps that he isn't butt shy and spreads his cheeks with out a second thought. I walk him through a costume shoot which shows us how he looks in different clothes; I never know which look will fuel someone fantasies or rekindle an old memory! The outfits get smaller and smaller until he's in a banana sling that won't even hold all his stuff! Rob is a good sport, though, and does everything I ask him to! We get some unorthodox views of his cock and ass when I lay on the floor and shoot up between his legs! Actually, I was just getting weak in the knees from watching his hot bod!

After the costume shoot, Rob gets in bed wearing a jock strap. He blows us a kiss and I coach him through an extended Butt Show. You get to see this hot straight guy in a variety of positions that just beg you to fuck him and at one point he looks square into the camera and says ''fuck me!'' I don't think he'll have to ask twice, but I ask him to repeat it because he sounds so hot!

Now it is time for him to get off and he gets his cock hard rubbing on a chenille pillow. Frottage, anyone? So he gets hard and then his fist takes over and he pounds his cock and plays with his balls. He does the straight guy spit thing for lube as biceps and pecs strain. He works up quite a sweat in a show I hope will never end. I love watching his muscular arms and chest as he strains to get off. His intensity builds as he gets closer and his breathing gets faster. He shoots a huge load all over his belly and chest and poses with his hard cock in hand and cum dripping down his tanned torso. Turning on the shower, he soaps up every inch, every nook and cranny of his exhausted body. The hot water runs down his sweaty torso and he seems genuinely satisfied.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

It's a few days later and Rob is back. He is getting more into the shoots and is actually contributing ideas and themes. He lets me pull his pants down and get some good tight close ups of his tight little ass. He even makes it wink! He strips down to nothing but a tank top and gets his legs in the air before bending over the sofa like he's getting it doggy style. This guy has quite a set of low hanging balls that swing as he moves around. He talks directly to you asking what you want and how you want it. To hear this butch stud talk about getting fucked is hot, Hot, HOT!

I get to play with his semi erect cock in some tight close ups that make you feel like you are there, you are the one feeling his heavy cock. Lying back on the sofa with his legs up, I apply some baby oil to his cock and he relaxes enjoying the attention although he has never been touched by a man like this! Working on his cock, my hand occasionally slides down to his tight little hole. His cock stiffens and I slowly start to finger his virgin hole. After a little anal work out, I slide a butt plug into his hot ass to prepare him for what is coming.

Rob gets comfortable in bed with his ass on a foam wedge. The camera roams over his body capturing every beautiful, hot sexy inch of this man! And then the fun starts! He starts working on his cock and then slides a butt plug into his ass. But when he starts jacking his dick, the plug pops out! So he tries a vibrator which seems to fit juts fine. His cock stays hard as he fucks his ass, and he soon replaces it with a much larger vibrator. He tries the BIG red butt plug and struggles to get it in his ass. He almost makes it, but his ass is too tight! Maybe next time! He gets his leg up and starts fingering his ass really deep. I think he may have an itch that's hard to scratch! When is becomes obvious that he isn't going to be able to cum today, he does some more posing showing his body and ass. We have a little conversation about whether it would be easier for him to suck dick or get fucked and the answer may surprise you. He then puts on a very impressive naked martial arts display! He is amazingly limber and for anyone whose fantasy is to have sex with a gymnast, he is a dream come true! We end the shoot with some very good butt shots.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Rob is back in the studio and ready to take the toys further. He strips and we talk about trimming his pubic hair as the camera comes in close on his pits and works its way down to his cock and balls. Of course, we can't forget his butt, so he turns around, bends over and spreads his cheeks. He gets in bed and throws his legs up immediately. But I want him to relax first so he just kicks back as we admire this handsome young man. He gets his legs up and spreads his hole for your inspection. He flips over on his knees and spreads his cheek as he straddles the array of toys he is going to play with. He gets his cock hard and after I play with it a bit, Rob stands up for you to see him at full staff!

He starts fingering his tight almost virgin ass as he gets ready for some toys. First is a small butt plug. Rob jacks his cock with the plug embedded in his tight butt and then tries the smaller vibrator. He gets on his knees with the vibrator stuck in his ass, hands free. But when he tries to spread his cheeks, the vibrator pops out. He moves on to a larger vibrator and even tires the beer bottle and the zucchini with moderate success. He goes back to the smaller vibrator and turns it on. He jacks his hard cock and I ask him to try the big red butt plug. He agrees and starts pushing it in his ass. But no go.

It looks like our toy play is over, so he puts some clothes pins on his nipples and poses with them and the tries a pair of chrome nipple clamps. Getting back in bed to jack off, he works two fingers deep in his ass. He tries the red plug again but again no go. What follows is some very intense jacking off. Sometimes he uses a vibrator, sometimes a latex pocket but he gets so into it and so intense. It is really hot to watch him as his biceps bulge and he strains to cum. Sweat glistens on his tanned chest as he beats the hell out of his cock. He lays back, sits up, and stands before shooting a HUGE load across the corner of my desk! I thought I had seen it all but that's a first for me!

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Signature Series: Rob Anthony

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