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JackBuddies #60

This video has two very hot men and each part showcases one of them getting fucked. At almost 2 hours it has some thing for everyone: stripping, kissing, sucking, rimming, toys, showers, facial cum shots and serious fucking!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

After some nude sun bathing, Austin and Ryan hit the pool to cool off. After splashing around and swimming lamps the cooling off starts to heat up and the two handsome straight men start to make out. The slip into the studio for some hot male bonding and we get to watch! The continue making out until Ryan licks his way down Austin's taut abs to his zipper. He unzips Austin's pants freeing his cock. He quickly slips the almost erect cock into his mouth and gives it some expert oral attention! Ryan sucks Austin's cock and licks his balls as shows how much he is getting into guys. When it's Austin's turn to reciprocate after some kissing, he starts licking his way down Ryan's tanned torso as he unzips his pants. He is starts licking Ryan's dick and starts sucking on his cock head. He is reluctant to really let go but Ryan enjoys his effort! The two men go back to making out and then Austin lies down and Ryan gets into position to work the handsome blonde over.

Ryan kisses Austin's mouth and then works his way down to his cock. But he doesn't stop there and after getting Austin rock hard he lifts his legs and goes for the blonde's sexy butt. He licks Austin's ass crack as his tongue gets closer and closer to the tight pink hole. Austin moans in approval to Ryan's tongue action on his ass. He fingers Austin's ass as he licks his butt and then they change positions. Austin is rock hard and Ryan is on his back with his legs in the air. It looks like he's about to get fucked! Austin finger fucks Ryan as he jacks his sizeable dick. He grabs a vibrator and works it into Ryan's hole as he relaxes his ass. Austin wants to make sure Ryan enjoys this fuck! His own hard dick throbs and jerks as he works the vibrator deeper and deeper into Ryan's ass. He goes for a larger vibrator and repeats his warm up of Ryan s newly stretched asshole. Ryan has enough plastic and tells Austin he wants his dick up his ass and Austin is ready to comply. Dropping to his knees Ryan sucks Austin to get him ready for a condom. After rolling the rubber down Austin's rock hard shaft they kiss and Ryan lies back down and braces for Austin's first thrust.

Austin slams into Ryan's butt and fucks him with a sexy fluid motion. I have known Austin to be one of the most sensual men I have ever known and he is clearly very into Ryan. (In more ways than one!) Austin continues fucking and Ryan is enjoying it as much as Austin is; to watch these two men in such sexual bliss is a rare treat! Ryan must be feeling pretty good moaning as Austin slides his cock deep into his ass faster then slower; deeper then not so deep.

He gets Ryan flat on his back for some more heavy thrusting and as he's getting thoroughly fucked, Ryan just closes his eyes and enjoys it. Next Austin has his buddy stand up and he fucks him leaning against the mirror. You see all the action from the side and also in tight close ups between their legs. Ryan gets flat on his back with his legs in the air and Austin dives in for some extra heavy as pounding and there are no complaints. Ryan fist pounds his cock and he decides to get Austin off first, so they change positions and Ryan goes back to sucking Austin's cock. He jacks him off into his mouth and then sucks the cum off the cock that just fucked him. Austin writhes in pleasure as his sensitive cock gets a tongue bath. Ryan jacks his cock and shoots all over Austin's tanned chest and licks his load up! Yes, Ryan loves the taste of cum whether it is his or another man's!

They hit the showers and the fun continues! They take turns soaping each other's hot bodies and kiss as the water caresses them. Ryan drops to his knees and starts sucking on Austin who just kicks back and enjoys the attention. They change positions and Austin gets on his knees to soap up Ryan's thick dick. They take turns drying each other is a scene that is almost tender. I think this shoot made a real dent in their hetero-shield

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

On the sofa, they start kissing and soon Austin is on his knees sucking Ryan's thick cock. He is much more into sucking now and seems to have gotten over his gag reflex! Austin pulls Ryan further down on his back and gets his legs up for some dry humping. I think he's thinking about when he fucked that hot ass a week ago! He goes down on Austin and worships his cock in a very thorough tongue bath. Austin seems to enjoy the attention and his soft moans show his appreciation. He gets Austin's legs up while they kiss and I think Ryan is starting to get the idea that its time to fuck Austin! But it is going to take some work, so he heads south and starts licking his tight little hole. This really sends Austin over the edge. He starts fingering Austin's hole getting it ready for a larger vibrator.

Austin gets into position and Ryan steps up to the plate. He slips his cock in that tight butt and starts slamming it as Austin smiles with pleasure. But enough is enough and Austin isn't used to getting fucked. He slides a condom on and Ryan sits on his big dick. Ryan slides his ass up and down fucking his own butt on the hard fuck stick. Faster and faster harder and deeper Austin's cock goes into Ryan. Then Austin takes over and fucks even harder and deeper as he holds Ryan down with his arms around his waist. There is no way for Ryan to escape this hard fuck even if he wanted to! Austin jacks off on Ryan's face and into his waiting mouth and he shoots quite a load! You see Ryan with cum dripping down his handsome face and then it is his turn to get off. Austin has a new jack sleeve he wants Ryan to try and he slides it on the exhausted stud's cock. It works like a charm! Austin jacks Ryan's cock and plays with his balls. The action gets him rock hard and ready to shoot. They take turns jacking Ryan's cock and he shoots quite a load and they kiss to seal the deal. They retreat to the shower and continue their enjoyment of each other's bodies. Austin soaps Ryan's tanned torso and goes down on his knees to lick and suck cock. They kiss and then Ryan works on Austin also sucking his cock. He seems to give Austin's ass some extra attention. I wonder if he's thinking about how tight it is? They kiss and part much better friends!

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JackBuddies #60

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