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Blake - The Dark Side

Producer's Note: This is a follow up to Blake s Signature Series video and shows the progress he has made in anal activity. Blake has been called insanely handsome with bedroom eyes and a dick of death by his legion of fans. Though he is straight, he has found a certain pleasure in having large objects up his hot butt.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Blake is dressed in tee shirt and jeans and is made to drop trou and bend over a table to show his hot hole up close. He strips and has a semi hard on. He is handcuffed in a pair of cut off jeans but manages to get to his dick and work it up to a 9 hard dick. His hard dick is shown in great close ups and he is manipulated by and unseen man playing with his throbbing cock. He is then blindfolded and has nipple clamps biting on his firm pecs while his dick is further teased. He is strung up and fondled before he gets on his knees offering his magnificent ass. He is rock hard as one toy after another is rammed up his tight butt hole: a finger, a butt plug, a couple of vibrators and an anal probe. He is strung up again with the anal probe hanging out of his ass and has a rock hard erection!! In bed with the anal probe, Blake jacks his dick and shoots a load on his hairy belly. He pulls his legs way up in the air to pull the probe out of his butt.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Blake licks his massive biceps and plays with his nipples and rubs his hot crotch. Again in bondage, he repeats the previous session on his back where you can see his handsome face while he is fucked with toy after toy. His butt if full, his dick hard and he is blindfolded what is he thinking? He jacks his dick with a huge manrammer dildo is shoved way up inside him and shoots all over his belly.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

A glamour shoot in white Levis and a straw hat gives way to a great butt show on his back and on his knees. He is getting more comfortable exhibiting his butt and is shows! He finger fucks his butt and inserts a vibrator to stretch him for a huge cucumber, which almost disappears! He does the cucumber on his back and on his knees jacking his hard dick all the time. He gets strung up again and is heavily worked over which gets his dick as hard as it can be while he is fucked with a dildo. Blake is on his stomach handcuffed with a cucumber in his butt as a prelude to a scorching hot toy session. He lays on his back with his butt on a pillow and spreads his legs as wide as he can so that he can play with his butt: huge black anal balls, two dildos (one larger than the other) fuck his tight butt while he jacks his hard dick. He looks gorgeous spread wide open and being fucked! He sits on an especially thick dildo and it disappears as he rides it like a hard cock. His dick stands straight up as he bobs up and down on the fake phallus. The cock may be fake, but the passion and pleasure are real as he cums all over his thigh. He s in no hurry to dismount, and leisurely removes the invading cock from the ass it just conquered.

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Blake - The Dark Side

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