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JackBuddies #57

I never thought this video would happen; Billy was adamant about never having sex with a guy! But times change, and when he called and said he was curious I thought Kyle might be just the one to satisfy that curiosity! Both guys are in their early 20s and uncut. Both are very active with women and compared notes in the studio!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Billy is strung up and Kyle comes in and starts playing with the bound straight guy. This is his first time with another man and I thought it might be easier if he was blind folded! Kyle starts by feeling Billy up and tearing off his shirt giving him access to Billy's nipples and biceps. Kyle forces him to kiss, and Billy gets the idea this is going to be a very different experience. Kyle licks his way down Billy's abdomen and unzips his jeans. When his cock flips out, it is almost hard and Kyle quickly goes down on it.

They change positions and Billy's hands work their way down Kyle's biceps and chest to his briefs. He grabs his buddy's stuff and even pulls down his underwear! Billy has never been as gay an environment! He plays with Kyle's uncut cock as it stiffens and then they change positions again. They kiss again and keep playing with each other.

The guys get comfortable on the sofa and start making out. They kiss as hands travel over naked tanned male flesh. Kyle goes down on Billy's dick and gets him rock hard. He sucks so hard he makes a vacuum and then he tongues it like a lollipop! And Billy loves it! Kyle flips Billy over on his knees and rims his hot virgin ass. Then he gets his legs in the air and Kyle starts fingering that same virgin ass. Soon he slides a butt plug deep in Billy and goes back to blowing him.

Billy blows a load on Kyle's chest and then licks it up clean! Kyle returns the favor and shoots on Billy's chest and then they kiss and head for the showers. In the showers Billy and Kyle kiss and continue their playful activities. They kiss and suck as the hot water runs down their bodies. They end much better friends then before and seal the deal with a kiss.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

It is a few days later and Billy and Kyle are back in the studio. They start making out and stripping each other naked. When they get down to their boxers, Billy leans over and takes Kyle's cock in his mouth. He sucks slowly at first getting better with each stroke. Kyle kicks back in surprised delight. He gets Kyle totally naked and goes back to some heavy cock sucking. Billy seems to be fascinated with touching another man's hard dick and keeps playing with and sucking on Kyle's cock. He reluctantly lets go as Kyle strips Billy's boxers off and starts sucking his cock.

They stand and go back to exploring each other's bodies as they kiss. Hands glide over pecs, biceps and run down to cocks and balls as they kiss. Billy licks his way down Kyle's body to his cock for some heavy sucking and then they get comfortable for a 69 session. After the 69, Billy starts prepping his ass to get fucked. He uses some vibrators to relax and is soon ready for Kyle to fuck him! Kyle moves into place after installing a condom and slowly inserts his cock in Billy's ass. I am surprised how relaxed Billy is and he takes the new experience in stride. Kyle fucks him hard and deep even pulling Billy's ass closer! After fucking Billy on his back, he flips him over and dicks him doggy style. Billy is really getting an education today! He sits on Kyle's cock and rides it before Kyle takes the action over and starts thrusting deep into the hot straight guy. The fucking send Billy over the edge and he shoots while Kyle's fucking him!

After such a good fucking, Billy lays on his stomach, spreads his butt and Kyle shoots a HUGE load all over the ass he just fucked. I don't think I have ever seen so much cum! It looks like icing on a cinnamon bun, which isn't a bad allegory! The guys head for the shower, soap up, have some fun and kiss.

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JackBuddies #57

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