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Signature Series: Sam

I will say up front that Sam will not appeal to everyone one. But to those who like Men with hairy chests, some street smarts and a cocky attitude, he will be a true find! When I first saw him, he was fully dressed so I could not see all of his ink and he looked really hot. When he filled out his application, I also could not believe his age: 39! I shot him on three occasions and enjoyed each one and the shoots got hotter and hotter. Then he disappeared. You will have to watch the whole video to see what happened to him, but I can tell you this is a case of a good man going bad! On a practical note, I was using a new camera and was not used to the white balance, iris or zoom so it is not my best camera work, but it has never stopped me from enjoying this very hot man!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

I started shooting Sam a soon as he walked in so you get to see him just as I did. Sam starts out in his tee shirt and jeans and is smoking. He quickly starts to strip and can see how much ink he has. He strips and we trim his wild pubes a bit. He does a short costume shoot and is fun to work with. He is quick to laugh, eager to please and at ease being naked. We break with formula and let him take a shower at the beginning of the shoot. As he lathers up his cock starts getting hard. I give him some loose directions and by the time he is drying off he has gotten the idea that I want to see as much of his butt as I can! He decides to shave and we get to see all the neat ink on his back as we look over his shoulder.

He comes back into the studio wearing his bath towel and I had planned to get him back into some costumes, but when he opens the towel, his dick is hard! So a little change in plans is in order and we take advantage of his rock hard dick and offer you some hot erection footage. As he moves around with his hard-on bobbing, he starts leaking pre-cum! I know we aren't going to be able to hold him back much longer so I suggest he get comfortable and jack off and he does! Stretching out on the bed he works his cock and it doesn't take long for him to get off. He shoots a large thick load and seems to feel much better! Modeling some nipple clamps with his load dripping down his hairy belly, Sam looks very sexy.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

He gets back in bed and we continue his first XXX shoot. He looks so hot spread out on the bed as I talk him through our butt show. He poses on his back, on his stomach and on is knees looking like he's about to get fucked. He wants to make more money, so I ask him if he's ever played with sex toys. He says no, but thinks he can and wants to try. We pit some baby oil on his butt cheeks and he starts rubbing them and relaxing his tight hole. With some Vaseline on his finger he starts to finger his ass. He goes deeper and deeper into his virgin ass. When he's ready, I toss him the small butt plug and after he lubes it up, slides the little latex toy in his waiting ass. As Sam poses with the toy, you can see his brain trying to process this whole experience! He gets his cock hard and then tries a small vibrator. He fucks his butt and jacks his hard cock and clearly enjoying himself. Soon he moves on to bigger and better: a larger vibrator! The shoot is going so well and Sam is getting into the toys, so I decide to re-structure the shoot and we begin again at a new angle.

With Sam stretched across the bed, he starts jacking his cock and we add some nipple clamps to his experience. The he begins to finger his ass again and then goes through the small butt plug, vibrators and then he tries a beer bottle. He gets it up his ass and continues to play with his hard dick. When I hand him the 12'' manrammer dildo, he takes it nonchalantly and lubes it positioning it at his ass. He slides the huge latex cock deep into his butt and his hard dick twitches as he fucks himself. Next Sam sits on a life-like latex cock and balls and rides the fake cock like it was real! His cock stays hard and soon he shoots another thick load. He reluctantly licks his cum of his hand and we cal it quits for today!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

It is the very next day and Sam has come back in for another shoot and he wastes no time in getting naked. He is much more relaxed and knows what to expect and does an enema to ensure cleanliness. After a very thorough procedure, he gets comfortable with a selection of toys and he is rock hard! He lubes his ass and then starts playing with his ass. First he fingers it, and then goes straight to the larger vibrator. He fucks his butt with gusto while his cock twitches with each stroke. After some vibrator play, Sam shoves a beer bottle up his ass and starts fucking it in and out. His cock stays hard as he works his ass and when he replaces the bottle with a cucumber things really get wild. Watch as he takes all of the green cock deep in his butt and see him jack his hard dick as he apparently loves the fucking he's getting! He stands up and the cuke stays in place as he moves around and even bends over! He does a comparison fuck with the bottle and then tackles the 12'' manrammer dildo. By tackle, I mean he takes almost all of it!

Next Sam sits on a life-like dildo and rides it. Again he takes it all and starts working on his cock. His cock responds rapidly and he moves into a more comfortable position. Clothes pins serve as nipple clamps as he jacks his erect cock. He shoots an especially thick white load in his hand and then smears his stuff on his face and licks it off!

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

After a break, Sam does a little bondage fantasy that starts with him in ripped cut offs a jock strap, a tank top and nipple clamps. He is strung up in handcuffs and blind-folded totally vulnerable and available for your every whim. First his hairy arm pits are trimmed with scissors. Nipple clamps are applied to his tender nipples. He is man-handled through the jock strap and when his cock is liberated, it is almost hard; he is a most willing subservient! His cock is stroked and manipulated to a full erection and his chest and pits are explored. Sam is put in a sling with his legs in the air and his ass exposed and vulnerable as he spreads his hole. His ass gets fingered and his hard cock played with and he gets fucked so deep with a big black vibrator that it stays in his ass hands free! He fingers his own ass but it is sensitive from the last toy session so we agree to do more toys at a later date!

Sam makes a great leap and decides to suck cock! For the record he is a great cocksucker, even gets a boner and takes a cum shot on his handsome face. Sam was supposed to come back the next day and finish the sling shoot but didn't show up. An article in the newspaper that ran a few months later told me why!

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Signature Series: Sam

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