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Jason's Toy Box

Jason is 21, straight and pretty cute. He is tall and slim, smooth and uncut. This video shows you his progress in his anal education as he goes from an anal virgin to an experienced butt stud. For those of you who have asked about the process of breaking these straight guys in, I left a lot of my advising and coaching in. The two shoots are about 2 weeks apart and what a difference those two weeks made!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

This is Jason's very first time playing with his ass. He told us in his first shoot that a girl actually tried to slide a finger in his butt and he went along with it, but now he's going to really give it a go. We start out in the studio and he is fully dressed. As a treat for arm pit aficionados, we get a glimpse of his hairy pits as he poses for us before stripping. The camera also looks up the leg of his shorts to his uncut cock and balls which are just ''chilling.'' We also look up his shirt and see his smooth chest and dark nipples. He gets comfortable on the sofa and looks a little pained as we talk about what he's going to do. He may be uneasy or apprehensive, but he says it is just the bright lights. We talk about the girl who tried to finger his virgin butt and his reaction to it. He strips as we watch and then we get to see the whole thing as the camera lingers on his naked form. He sure looks hot and I am always amazed at how velvety his skin is. He has a good tan which makes his white buns look especially tantalizing!

He gets comfortable in bed and watches porno to get hard and I hand him some lube. He works on his cock and then starts rubbing his ass. It doesn't take him long to get his dick hard and I tell him to pretend his two fingers are a tongue on his asshole. He like the imagery and obliges. After relaxing his ass, he inserts his index finger deep into his butt. I am impressed with his effort; he really wants to do this and make it work. He gets used to his finger and then slides a butt plug deep in his ass while he jacks his rock hard 7'' cock. He works the toy in and out and then poses with his legs in the air and on his knees doggy style. I think he is surprised how the plug feels and is willing to go further. Of course the fact that his cock is very hard and he is getting pleasure from that has to help. Next is a small vibrator and I have to admit, he takes it pretty deep, all but about 2-inches. He jacks his cock and then flips over on his stomach. You see him with the vibrator which stays in the handsome stud's ass hands free!

Next I hand him a larger vibrator which he says is huge, but that he will try it! I love his eagerness to please! The vibrator goes deep in his ass as he jacks his dick and after a bit he goes to the glass butt plug. Jason struggles to get the plug up his butt, working on his substantial cock as he pushes the anal intruder. As he slides the plug in deeper and deeper his cock gets nearer to shooting and before he can get it all in, he shoots a thick load on his hand and belly. He is astounded at the amount of cum he shot and I think we can tell this was a surprisingly hot and erotic session for him! I ask him to tell us what he's done and give him some prompts, but he is too exhausted to get it right and you gets to see him as he tries to say some simple dialog. But he is just too ragged out; talk about your satisfying orgasms! He stands up as the cum drips down his belly and off his cock to the floor.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Two weeks later and after doing another toy shoot, Jason is back. Then he tells me about something that happed to him recently: a gay friend hit on him. We talked about it and he decided that while he wouldn't actually have sex with him, he WAS a good friend and he COULD give him a fantasy. So Jason offers to give this special friend a very special message: ''Bro, I'm not into men, but you are a special friend so I'll give you a fantasy. So what would you want to do? You suck me, then I suck you? Would you want to fuck me? How would you want me? On my back with my legs up, or doggy style?'' Jason shows him the possibilities as he poses in come fuck me positions and even sucks on a dildo! He gets into the deal and goes off on some hot verbal offers! After the fantasy, we get down to business: Toy Business! Jason gets on his back with his legs in the air and practices working his sphincter. If the close ups of this tight muscle flexing don't get your tongue hard, you must be dead! He fingers his butt and then inserts the small butt plug in his ass. He poses with his legs up, on his stomach and on his knees with the toy. Next he fucks his ass with the small vibrator and he really gets into fucking his butt.

After the vibrator, I hand him another vibrator shaped like an ear of corn, and tell him to corn-hole his ass! I think the fact that he is relaxed enough to laugh means he is getting into his new experiences! After some quality time with the corn-hole vibrator, he spends even better quality time with the big white vibrator! Although he says it is huge Jason sinks the plastic toy deep in his butt and then fucks himself in long deep strokes. He fucks him self so hard and deep that when he flips over on his back and on his knees, the toy stays in his ass hands free! Next is a set of anal beads and he no longer says no, or is skeptical. He takes the toys, reaches for the lube and does his best to use them! I love working with this guy and I have to say the view from behind the camera is great! His smooth tanned skin has an almost velvety quality and his balls look so juicy and cum filled as they bounce in mid air when he's on his knees! He inserts almost all of the beads and after experiencing them, I hand him his old nemesis: the glass butt plug. He has never been able to get it all the way in his ass, but he's willing to try one more time. He gets it in and it almost stays, but just won't, so I gave him the red latex plug which he handles like an old pro! He poses with the large butt plug on his back on his stomach, on his knees and standing up bending over. And when he pulls it out, you see it in a close up so tight you can hear his ass slam shut!

Next he tries a toy that I can't name. It is kind of like a cross between a dildo and a plug, but whatever it is sure is big! He really tries and gets quite a bit in his bum, but not so much that it stays by itself. So he goes to a beer bottle next, and is quite relaxed as the neck of the bottle disappears in his ass. He fucks his butt and at one point even sits on the bottle. When I hand him the 12'' manrammer dildo his eyes get huge, but he takes hold of the huge latex cock, greases it up and shoves it in his ass! He poses with it planted deep in his butt and then stands up, bends over and shoves it in again! He looks so hot fucking his butt with this huge toy! As he goes from toy to toy, the pile of discarded toys get bigger and bigger! Jason takes a zucchini and uses it like a dildo as he jacks his cock. He starts getting hard and poses with the natural toy (Hey, Gemini Studios went ''Green'' long before it was trendy!!) After some hot footage with the zucchini, he tries to pop it out but can't! In fact, he can hardly pull it out. But he does and then we get him to sit on a very realistic dildo complete with latex balls! You get to see him from the front and back as he rides the big cock and puts on quite a show!

It is finally time for Jason to get off but I am going to have him get on another dildo first. He sits all the way down on the day-glow cock and rides it. He starts working on his cock and gets it big and hard in no time at all! he rides the dildo and even fucks his ass with the entire dildo disappearing in his young tight body. He flips over in his knees and fucks himself doggy style. He goes back to jacking his cock while he fucks his ass and concentrates on getting off. He fucks his ass hard and deep and finally shoots on his hand and tight belly. After showing us his thick white cum, he lifts off the toy and spreads his butt for your inspection. Jason then stands up with his cum dripping down his torso.

I ask him to put the anal beads back in and he does. He also heads for the showers and enjoys the warm water on his exhausted muscles. He soaps up every inch, every nook and cranny of his lean body as we watch. After he's done he bends over and pulls the beads out. I am not sure why I asked him to do the beads; maybe it was just because I could! Anyway, he removes the beads and holds them up for you to see. he finishes the shower and dries off. A good ending to a hot video!

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Jason's Toy Box

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