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JackBuddies #56

I would have sub-titled this ''Big Dick Fuck,'' if I hadn't already used it on a previous release. But it certainly is true; all three men are amply endowed! Jordan is tall and smooth, Mike is a hairy bear of a man, and Landon stopped shaving his chest just for this shoot. But all three men have BIG dicks and know how to use them. There's kissing, sucking, toys and a lot of fucking in this video.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

First up are Mike and Jordan. Both men are in their 30s and have many women in their past. They also have similar experiences with other males and now fully enjoy oral and anal sex with other men. I think it just may not have occurred to them that it could be as pleasurable as they now find it, that it was totally out of the question and totally out of bounds in their environment. They start out full dressed and begin to make out. They kiss fervently and deep, as tongues and hands get busy. Jordan's hands grab Mike's butt cheeks through his jeans foreshadowing what is to come. He drops to his knees to massage the bulge in Mike's jeans. Jordan's tongue runs over Mike's hairy belly as his hands unbuckle his belt and jeans. When Mike's cock flops out, Jordan's mouth is ready to catch it. He sucks the tattooed dick and it responds quickly growing bigger in his mouth.

Mike is soon on his knees returning the favor and Jordan is equally quick to respond. Mike is an enthusiastic cock sucker and jacks his own dick as he tries to swallow all of Jordan's massive meat. The two men kiss, suck and get naked and then move to the sofa. There they get comfortable and Mike goes back to orally worshiping Jordan's very worthy cock. His own dicks throbs as Mike can't seem to get enough hard cock in his mouth. And again Jordan returns the favor trying to deep throat Mike's equally big dick while his fist pounding his own rock hard meat. Mike closes his eyes and kicks back just enjoying the blow job. Jordan gets on all fours and lets Mike fuck his mouth. While he's getting blown, Mike's hands explore Jordan's ass and soon Mike's tongue is licking that hot pink hole. After a thorough rim job, Mike gets on his knees before Jordan and goes back to sucking his cock. Jordan gets Mike on all fours on the sofa and starts eating his ass. Jordan's cock is rock hard as he licks Mike's hairy butt and I am sure it isn't going to be long before he buries that cock in that ass! Mike arches his back to open his ass to Jordan's tongue and Jordan presses his face harder and harder into Mike's ass crack.

Mike uses a few toys to prepare his butt while Jordan waits to shove the dick he's jacking into that hot hole. Mike goes back to sucking and then slides an extra large condom on Jordan and then gets on his knees to get fucked. Jordan fucks him hard and deep on his knees and then gets him on his side for some extra hard dicking. Mike jacks his cock and moans and groans begging to be fucked still harder. Next he gets Mike on his back with his legs over Jordan's broad shoulders as he shoves his cock ALL THE WAY IN!!! Mike gets the hell fucked out of him in a serious pounding that goes on and on. He goes between pain and pleasure as the bed springs squeak and Jordan just keeps on pounding him. When he does stop, Mike sits right down on that huge cock and rides it to his extreme pleasure. It is hot to hear Mike begging to be fucked in his deep growl. Jordan straddles Mike and jacks his cock shooting on Mike's face. Mike grabs the still spurting dick and shoves it in his mouth savoring Jordan's huge load. Mike thoroughly cleans the cock that just fucked him so well and then he shoots right over Jordan's head, but quite a bit lands on his face!. Jordan also cleans Mike's dick with his tongue.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Mike starts by telling you what is going to happen: Landon is going to fuck me with his big dick! Landon comes in and they start making out but Landon is in a hurry to get to Mike's big tattooed cock and is on his knees unbuckling the stud's pants. Landon starts sucking Mike, whose cock gets hard immediately. It is a struggle for Landon, who is a little guy of 5'6'', to get all that cock in his mouth but he does! They change positions and Mike is amazed at the size of Landon's cock. He hungrily takes it in his mouth and starts sucking it much to Landon's pleasure. Getting hard almost instantly Landon starts fucking Mike's waiting mouth. But good as Mike's head is, Landon wants ass and Mike is happy to oblige. He starts prepping his ass for a fuck. Using a couple of vibrators he stretches his ass for Landon's big dick. Mike lays back and surrenders his ass to the huge cock. Landon starts out fucking slow but get to slamming Mike's hot ass quickly.

After fucking Mike on his back with his legs in the air, Mike grabs the hanging chains and bends over to take it like a man. Landon buries his cock deep in Mike's ass and you get to see it in a close up shot from below. He slams Mikes ass long and deep and Mike is not complaining. After a very thorough fucking, Landon jacks his cock and shoots all over Mike's face. Mike sucks all the cum off Landon's cock and then shoots his own load on Landon's face. When Landon sucks Mike's dick, it makes the butch woodsman shiver with delight. The two men head for the shower where they take turns soaping each other down and kiss as their hands explore. Mike drops the soap, which is kind of pointless as he's already gotten fucked!

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JackBuddies #56

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