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Signature Series: Jason

Jason is 21 and has worked as a skin diver in the Gulf of Mexico since he was 16. He is 6'1, uncut, tanned and smooth. He is straight, but I have NEVER let that stop me in the acquisition of beautiful men for us to admire. I am so taken by this hot young man that I did very little editing on these two shoots so you get to spend almost as much time with Jason. Note: the costume shoots are long, but I think very revealing in more ways than one. If you don't agree, just fast-forward to get to the good parts.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Jason is a very interesting young man. He is tall and pretty self confident. We start in the studios with him answering some questions about his vital statistics and his sex life. He showed up dressed up which is a shame because I am going to get him naked as fast as I can! He speaks well as he tells you about loosing his virginity and about the time a girl played with his ass. Yes, I fear he is straight (for now). After his question and answers session, we start the process of getting him naked. He stands by the large studio mirror and I get him to reveal his body slowly and teasingly. As we see more and more skin, I can't help but notice how clear and smooth his skin is.

Once he is naked, we can take inventory: His chest is hairless with just a hint of as pleasure trail. His ass is equally smooth and very round like two perfect melons. In the dick department, he is uncut and promises to be well hung. He plays with his foreskin in some tight close-ups and then chills on the sofa as the camera continues roaming over his beautiful young body. I have him pose on the sofa to help him relax before we get to the sexual activity. He is eager to please and quick to laugh; he is the whole package charming and hot! After some posing on the sofa and standing clips, I shoot straight up his chest and then have him squat on the camera so we get our first look at his butt hole. He even spreads his cheeks to give us a better look at this delectable! To reward him for the generous look at his ass, we start some costume shooting in jeans and some different shirts. Naturally we shoot a lot of ass shots!

We get him in bed still wearing the black string 2xst thong underwear and while am I busy, he lights a cigarette and relaxes. But he can't keep his hands off his cock. He starts getting hard, threatening to ruin the opening shots I had planned for this scene, but he looks so sexy and natural that we go with it. ''It's coming alive,'' he says. We get back on track and Jason starts his first butt show by sliding the underwear to his ankles and bringing his long legs in the air. He poses in all the come-fuck-me positions and looks totally fuckable in each and every one; I can bet you know what I am thinking at this point! After an extended and very enjoyable butt show, Jason rubs baby oil on his taut smooth torso and works his way down to his cock. His uncut dick response quickly and soon he is jerking about 7-inches of hard cock while he watches some porn. He is a creative masturbator and we see him as he switches hands, grips and positions. When he is completely hard he stands up so we can get a good look and then resumes jacking his dick. He starts breathing heavy, his balls tighten and he shoots a load on his hand and belly. His cum is thick and very white on his tanned abdomen. His cock looks to be a good seven inches plus. And he is exhausted! After shooting some hot close ups of his load and of him standing with it dripping down his torso, Jason takes a long hot shower as we watch.

It is fun watching him as his hands roam all over his smooth tight young skin chasing the bar of soap as it glides over every nook and cranny. He bends over to soap his legs and feet turning his perfect butt to the camera. The memory of his recent cum shot lingers as he looks into the camera as if to ask, ''How am I doing? Are you pleased?'' He turns the water off and dries himself. Back in the studio he tries some nipple clamps for the first time and says, ''Ow, they hurt like fuck!'' He gives us one more look at his ass and we call it quits for the day.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

First toy shoot. It was brief but exciting and now he is back for a costume shoot that is about to turn into a more in-depth toy shoot. He starts out stripping completely so we can see him in some different looks. Jason tries on different jeans, shorts, shirts, briefs, jock straps and so forth and we see some very interesting shots of this hot young man. He is very relaxed and in a good mood also. We chat about different things and he often has a cute comeback. Seeing Jason in a jock strap and shoulder pad will fuel any high school foot ball fantasies you may have. Other fantasies we try are sailor, doctor and wrestler. As the costumes get smaller and smaller they finally get to a tiny posing strap that he struggles to fit his cock and balls in.

Now it's time for the main even: Jason and his Toys! He starts out already naked and ready to play. He starts by getting his cock hard and fingering his tight boy butt. Soon he has a vibrator deep in his ass. After fucking his butt, Jason tries a glass dildo and seems to get more comfortable. His cock stays hard and looks huge as he fucks himself. The glass dildo is replaced by a larger vibrator that he handles very well. You can almost imagine him thinking, ''Hey, this isn't so bad; in fact it's starting to feel good!'' After some good fucking, Jason moves on to the glass butt plug which he has bit of trouble with. I hand him the slightly smaller red one which he manages to get in his ass with my urgings to breathe and relax! He jacks his dick and flips over on his back and on his knees for you to see him getting fucked in different positions. Anyone want to see Jason get fucked doggy style?

Next Jason fucks his ass with the beer bottle and I am amazed how easily it slides deep in his butt. He jacks his dick and after posing with it, he de-bottles and tries the zucchini. Notice that he takes it all but about 2 inches; in fact it is so deep it stays in his ass hands free. But as he jacks his cock and moves around, the green toy works its way deeper into Jason's ass and can you blame it? Personally, I'd love to be as deep in his ass as I could! Jason shoots a huge load all over his hand and belly with the zucchini deep in his ass. He is amazed at the volume of his orgasm and stands up with the zucchini still deep in his ass so you can see his load dripping down his smooth tanned body. For a finale, Jason lies back down and pops out the zucchini just using his newly discovered muscle control!

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Signature Series: Jason

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