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Signature Series: Joey

The first thing you notice about Joey is his tight bod, and if he's naked, you can't miss his thick, long cock! He did a lot of shoots and once he understood that playing with his ass didn't make him gay, he agreed to try. He found out that he enjoyed anal stimulation and you will see the results of his experimentation. The video contrast is a bit bright in places, but doesn't take away from the incredible sexiness of this hot video!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Joey was brought in by another model. He had some traffic tickets that were due and he needed some cash. He is pretty cocky, but I found out later that is how he handles being unsure. He knows he has to strip and jack off and that's pushing his limits but cash is cash! He reveals his body slowly showing a well built chest with some sexy chest hair and a furry belly! He also has some of the bushiest arm pits ever! I think he thought he was going to play strip poker, because he's wearing two tee shirts and two pairs of underwear: boxers and briefs! When he strips, he looks great and as he moves around his balls bounce. While he does everything I ask him to, he isn't too good at spreading his cheek, but we can work on that! We start a bit of a costume shoot to help him relax and again he looks hot, sexy and very doable! He has a tight lithe body with a good supply of manly hair and when he pulls his stuff out of the jeans I am surprised how meaty his dark cock is. And what a set of balls! They are great! When he bends over and spreads his bubble ass we see a natural untrimmed masculine hole, and I am betting it is virgin! I keep tossing clothes at him and they keep getting smaller and smaller until he can't fit his package into the pouches! As we keep going he is more relaxed and eager to show off and he has a lot to show! After a net body suit that shows more than it hides and some nipple clamps, Joey finds himself naked in bed.

I talk him through his first butt show and he does exactly what I tell him to. Legs up on his back, on his stomach and on his knees he goes through all the positions. Then it is time to put on a video and let him work on that thick cock! Watching this hot young man as he oils his torso and begins to play with his body is hot and I am getting as turned on as he is! It is always interesting to me how many different ways there are to jack off. Joey uses a stretching stroke that pulls his egg seized balls up tight. He uses two hands and there is still cock left over, but he is obviously enjoying himself and I am enjoying filming it for you! He stands up and jacks off in front of the big studio mirror so we can really appreciate the size of his equipment, and it is impressive! He enjoys watching himself and the show he is putting on seems to excite him even more. So after he pulls his pud and fondles his cum filled balls, Joey lies down in bed and gets comfortable. He continues working his meat and the camera roams over his body in long shots and tight close ups.

As his passion builds he fucks his hands harder and faster and by the time he shoots, he is dripping wet with sweat. His load is very thick and very white. It sticks to his cock, hand and hairy belly. When he gets his breath back, he mops up with a washcloth and shows us his virgin ass again. He takes a shower to get cleaned up and we get to watch He does drop the soap but since he's by himself nothing happens!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Next is a toy shoot that Joey did a few months later. His very first toy shoot is in a video called ''Joey's Toy Box''. This one starts out with a more relaxed and experienced Joey shirtless and dropping his pants quickly and gets in bed. He is ready to go and starts working on his cock. It doesn't take long before he is rock hard and showing you his big thick dick. As he works his dick you can tell this guy really enjoys playing with himself and when you're hung like he is, who wouldn't? He is definitely into it! He flips over on his knees and I spread his cheeks and trim his furry butt. Normally we like the models natural, but Joey's hairy crack was catching the lube and interfering with the insertion shots! As he jacks his big dick he starts fingering his trimmed ass getting ready for some toy action. His first toy is a small butt plug which slides slowly right up his tight ass. With the plug firmly in place, Joey goes back to working on his stiff dick. After some close ups of his big dick and the plug, he moves on to a small vibrator which seems to hit the right spot. Still jacking his cock, he fucks his butt as he play with his thick dick. He even pulls his legs in the air to get fucked deeper! But even that isn't enough and Joey takes a much larger vibrator and fucks his ass. It is amazing how much of the 10'' toy disappears into his ass and I think his dick actually gets bigger and harder as he gets fucked! Again he fucks his ass with his legs in the air and then tackles the beer bottle. He never takes his hand off his cock as he greases the bottle and closes his eyes as he slides the bottle neck deep in his ass. Jacking his hard dick as he winces in pain; it seems to ''hurt so good!''

Next is an enormous English cucumber. He greases it with the same circular stroke he uses on his cock and then start shoving the 12 plus inches of the green vegetable deep into his ass. He picks his balls up so you can see just how much of the cuke he takes and it is amazing! After the cucumber I hand him the 12'' manrammer and he laughs in disbelief as he considers where the huge latex cock is going. As he greases the lifelike dick he jacks his hard dick and soon has most of it in his butt. He jacks his cock and fucks his butt and even gets his legs up for some tight shots and I must say his trimmed butt looks great impaled on the big latex dick! After he pulls the dildo out, he spreads his ass so you can inspect his just fucked hole! A short break and Joey is back in bed with a latex cock and balls dildo and ready for action! A little lube, some finger and big cock is all the way up Joey's ass as you watch. And I get to jack his cock and fuck his ass with the dildo as he holds his legs spreading as wide as he can. He wants to know what the suction cup on the dildo is for, so I show him how to secure it and ask him to have a seat on it! Holding his balls up, he slides his ass down on the latex dick. Joey rides the dildo and really feels like he's getting fucked. He is undeniably straight, so this maybe the closest we come to seeing this hot Latin stud get fucked.

He takes the entire cock sitting facing you and then spins around for you to see the back view. I am amazed how much cock is in his ass and how hard he rides it! He lifts off the dildo and spreads his butt for you and then settles in for a well-deserved orgasm! Joey works pretty hard on his big dick and even uses two hands working furiously. After some heavy pumping and thrusting, he shoots on his hairy belly. Again his load is very thick and very white.

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Signature Series: Joey

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