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Cute Young Things - Director's Cut

Producer's Note: This is a re-edited version of a video released in 2002. It originally featured Andy, Wolf and Scotty and was a pretty hot video that sold well. Somehow we lost the original master so when we re-edited it we added 3 new guys!! This makes a total of 6 hot cute young things!!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

First up is Andy, a 23-year-old straight baseball player, who starts his shoot in the backseat of my car. I talk him into pulling up his shirt and showing me his chest, and then pulling his pants down so I can see his cock. Still not satisfied, I make him pull his legs back and show me his hot hairy virgin ass!! He gets his legs in the air and spreads wide. This is a sure sign of a cooperative model, so I take him back to the studio!! But this is only the beginning, he gets his dick hard and jacks it to a creamy load all over his oiled tanned torso. Playing around in the shower he again shows his virgin ass.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Wolf is 22, straight, blonde, tanned and has a big tattoo of a wolf on his belly! He starts out naked in a poppa san chair and quickly shows everything he's got. He isn’t shy as he jacks his dick and spreads his butt. I ask him if any of his women ever play with his ass. He says one used to, but now he does it him self! So I give him some lube tell him to get started! He works himself over getting rock hard and even fucks his butt with a butt plug. He shoots a load with the butt plug still up his tight little butt!!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Scotty is 24, straight, smooth, tanned and has beautiful, sexy bedroom eyes. I found him at the beach and that's where we start. He strips off his cut off jeans stripping down to a little thong. When the coast is clear, he strips the thong and is totally buck as naked on the beach. And since he's naked he might as well play with his dick, which gets rock hard under the attention. He stands up and shows proudly the size of his hard dick, all under the hot Florida sun! Back at the studio, he has more time to show his whole body and the camera lovingly caresses his naked form. Lying on the floor, he shows his tight virgin straight ass! Jacking his dick again gets him hard and he shoots on his belly, standing up to show you the load. He pits on a set of nipple clamps and stands there with his cum dripping down his sexy tanned torso!!

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Roger is 20, straight, smooth and sometimes looks like a blonde Tom Cruise! He starts out in the studio wearing nothing but a pair of tight jeans. He can't wait to show you his stuff and he gets right to it even bending over for you to see his little pink butt hole! Another very cooperative model! He gets his dick hard and jacks a good-sized load on the big studio mirror and licks it off! You gotta love a straight guy who will eat his own load!

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Travis looks a lot like Leonard DiCaprio, and that's not bad! He’s 22, 5’ 10’’, straight (actually married!!) and a real sweetheart of a model. This tight blonde has a beautiful tan, and a thick cut dick. He strips slowly and has a hard on ready to go. But he has to show me his ass first, so he puts on a great butt show, showing pink in several breath-taking positions. What a sexy pink hole!! After his butt show, he jacks his dick and really shoots a huge load in his hand as his whole body tenses up. You won't believe how much cum this guy produces!!

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Amateur Video Scene 6:

Justin is gorgeous. He is 22, 6’ Italian, lean smooth, sexy and has a Prince Albert on his 8’’ cut dick.. He starts out in bed, pulls off his underwear, does a super butt show showing you one of his best features from all sides and positions. He jacks his hard dick and shoots a huge load all over his tight 6-pack abs! But there's more, after a quick shower where he caresses himself very erotically, he is ready to go again and jacks his dick to a huge climax on the mirror and licks it off. He looks great with his cum rubbed all over his handsome face!

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Cute Young Things - Director's Cut

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