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Muscles - Director's Cut

Producer's Note: This is a re-edited version of a very popular video. We decided to rev it up a bit and add super hunk Rhett. You get to see all these very well developed muscle men in all their naked glory, and you will see it all! No twinks here! If you love biceps, pecs, glutes, pits, and toys in muscular asses this is your video!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Derrick is 23, 6'2, 200 pounds and fantastic. He is outside in a very remote location. Actually he is on the very border of an Air Force Base and you can hear the jets over head. He strips off his shorts showing you his fantastic hairy torso and his soon to be hard cock. He jacks his ever-hardening dick and pauses only to finger his hairy ass. He shoots a load of hot cum all over his hairy belly and then poses with his load for you to see. Back in the studio, he is on his knees with his hot butt to the camera and has a huge dildo in his hand. I tell him to fuck himself and he does he looks so hot, all tanned and toned as he fucks the mattress before he gets fucked with a 10’’ dildo. He cums with the dildo rammed deep inside his tight straight ass. A couple of weeks later, he is naked in the studio with a full assortment of toys. He fingers his butt and then begins to fuck himself with a cucumber. He doesn't cum this time, but gets a load of cum on his face from the cameraman! A hot shower is in order and this straight stud looks great wet or dry. Seeing Derrick strung up with tit clamps and a blind fold on is almost too much of a fantasy .but when the camera pulls back and you see the dildo hanging out of his ass, it goes over the line, way past hot!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Mike is a 25-year-old muscle man who lays carpet for a living. He is 6'4 and weighs 205. He is tanned and fine. He strips and you can tell how nervous he is from the sweat streaming down his torso. He measures his body on camera and does some muscle poses that are totally hot. Of course he is naked for the poses and then dons a football jersey and little jean cut offs to tease you as he strips. This time he unveils his magnificent ass. Tight white buns are sandwiched between his tanned back and thighs. He spreads his hot hole for all to see, and next he does exactly what we want to see him do with that hot ass: get fucked. He shoves a big dildo all the way in and really enjoys the action. He stands up so he can really get the dildo going and almost makes it disappear! But wait, the show is not over. He takes the enormous Kris Lord dildo, greases up his hole and shoves it home. Still not content, he sits all the way down on this 5-pound rubber cock and rides it. Seeing this very hot, very straight, very butch muscle man sitting on a huge toy leaves me weak at the knees! He switches to an anal probe and jacks his dick to a thick load of hot man cum on his belly.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Carlos is a hot Latin man almost 40. But you would never know from his naturally smooth chest. This is actually about the 4th man I shot, so this is going back a ways. He strips and you will not believe how low his balls hang: practically to his knees! And that huge cut cock...thick and long! He is proud of his body and even shows you his spread ass before he gets down to business. The first order of the day has him jacking his dick to a very thick cum shot all over his tanned abs. Hot! The next scene is about 2 years later, and he has come back. He looks better and so does the video due to the new digital technology! He does some great butt shots before fucking his tight hole with a couple of vibrators.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Grant is 21, 6'4 and gorgeous. Fantastic eyes, hairy chest and dark tan make this one sexy package. He strips and flexes before he shows you his butt and begins to jerk off. Rather impulsively, he fingers his ass before inserting a butt plug that sends him over the edge. He is not acting as he pumps load after load of hot cum on his hairy belly. He loved it!

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Rhett is a recent addition to our studio, and this is his first appearance. He is 30ish, 6'2, blonde and naturally smooth. His biceps should be in a museum! He shows you everything, with some really nice spread butt shots (God, I love those!!) He poses and flexes before getting in bed to get down to the business of getting off. He strips off his little Lycra shorts and puts on a butt show that lasts about 5 minutes. You see his hot blonde hole every way he (and I) could think of. This gets him (and me) hot and he jerks his 7’’ cut dick to an explosive money shot on his tanned tight abs. Wow. As a bonus, Rhett fingers his butt and uses a butt plug for the very first time! Virgin no more!

Classic Porn!

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Muscles - Director's Cut

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