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Motel Sex

From FLT Video

67 Minutes...Live Sound

Amateur Video Scene 1:

As Jayme is entering her motel room, Juan approaches and introduces himself as the motel's maintenance man. He tells her that if she has any problem to just call the front desk and have them send him to her room. Jayme thinks Juan is a cutie-pie so once in her room it doesn't take her long to figure out something to get Juan to her room. She unplugs a wall lamp and hides the outlet with a wastebasket. She calls the front desk and asks if Juan can come to her room and check one of her lamps.

Jayme is a 6-feet tall, slim beauty. She undresses and impatiently paces back and forth in the room while waiting for Juan. There is a knock on the door, Jayme slips on a bathrobe and lets Juan in the room. He checks the lamp and discovers that it is not plugged in. He is on his knees, he turns and his face is right in front of Jayme's belly. She says she has some personal things that need maintenance too and can he help her with that too. Of course, Juan is more than happy to help out.

Jayme lays on the bed and Juan goes down on her. Then he sits in a chair and she sucks his cock. They fuck in the doggie position, the cowgirl position, and finally he pounds her hard in the missionary position. He cums inside of her. He moves away and we get a nice close-up of a teardrop of cum oozing from her pussy.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Trent and Krystal arrive in town on a Sunday because Trent has an important meeting on Monday morning. Trent lays on the bed and starts reading a magazine. However, Krystal is bored. She puts on some sexy black lingerie and parades back and forth at the foot of the bed, with no response from Trent. She then parades back and forth in the clips, still with no response from Trent. Finally, she asks him if he can think of anything they can do. Now he finally gets the message.

They start the action with Trent munching on Krysal's pussy. Then she sucks him, then does some cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggie and the scene ends with Krystal sucking him and taking his load in her mouth. All very well lighted, in widescreen.

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Motel Sex

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