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A Current Affair

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Kent Larson, a tall muscular fellow with a manicured goatee and a most handsome face, goes into Jake Hansen's Current Affair bookstore and picks up a copy of E.M. Forster's ''Maurice.'' Kent starts to read the quietly suggestive novel and imagines a love scene between the pent-up Maurice (played in period costume by the sinfully cute blond Sean Kelley) and Scutter, a swarthy working man, here played by the good-looking brunet Angelo Bestiamo.

Sean relaxes until Angelo gets him to undress, and they kiss in a way so passionate it would no doubt make the Victorian Forster blush in embarrassment and glee. After lots of foreplay, Sean pulls out Angelo's cock, and with Angelo writhing, he sucks it with great want. Angelo then blows Sean's cock, giving it a nice deep-throat, and then they fall to the floor for a 69. Both do even better work here with cocks down their throats, and then Angelo gets to rim Sean's blissfully soft ass.

Angelo then parks himself gently down on Sean's cock and rides it, and Sean seems to enjoy the anal gyrations Angelo works up on his cock, and then they move to missionary. Sean keeps his cock deep in Angelo, turning sideways so they can kiss and lick as the fuck continues. Sean cums, and then Angelo follows on Sean's stomach.

Amateur Video Scene 2:

Jake, who thinks he recognizes Kent from somewhere, catches Kent with a hard on. Jake invites Kent back that evening for a men's reading group, and Kent shyly runs out. Meanwhile, a book of male nudes is exciting Dean Marx, a plucky twink. He drools over handsome Chris Bolt and imagines what that photo shoot must have been like.

In his fantasy, the exquisite Dante Foxx is the photographer, snapping a few shots of Chris before dropping the camera and his pants so that Chris can blow him. Chris gives a wizardly blow to Dante's long piece, worshipping it to the base. We're not recreating a Victorian sunroom here, so the energy is allowed to crackle and they have a stomping good time, and they're soon joined by fantasy-maker Dean. Dean sucks Chris as Chris continues on Dante until both of the blowers get to share Dante, who stands over them as they lick and alternate slurping up his dick.

The rimming starts with Dante's sublime ass being eaten by spunky Dean as Chris blows Dante. Dante turns around after a bit so they can do the opposite on him, throwing up a leg so the camera can come in close and see it all. There is a picture-perfect chain with Dante eaten by Chris chewed up by Dean.

Dean then sits on and bobs up and down on Dante's dick, sucking Chris at the same time. This quiet little guy soaks up Dante's energy and is quite a bottom. It's Chris' turn to get fucked by Dante next, taking a sexy hip-swivel from Dante. Chris has the first cum-shot, followed by a big squirt from Dante on Chris' ass, and then a last load from Dean -- who is the second customer to leave the store with a suspicious bulge in his pants.

Amateur Video Scene 3:

Jake Hansen realizes that he knows Kent because Kent has written a book they have in the store, a passionate gay romance. Store employee Jake Matthews goes out for lunch and wants a book review of Kent's book when he gets back, so Jake dives into the book, enthralled by the lush detail. Jake thinks of Kent and his inamorata having steamy sex: Kent shares the scene with Thomas Bond, and undressed Kent is as much of a wonder as he is dressed.

With a hunky muscular body, a spider-web tattoo on one shoulder, he's a man's man. He kisses and nuzzles Thomas very pleasantly, and then Thomas gets to blow Kent. He settles underneath him in order to lick his balls and deep-throat Kent's big dick. Kent lovingly makes it a 69, and proves himself as talented as he is gorgeous. Kent just as graciously deep-throats Thomas as he gets it done to him. Kent rolls over so he can eat Thomas' ass, hairy just at the crack, with Thomas joining in by munching on Kent's muscular butt.

Thomas puts a condom on Kent, throws his legs in the air, and lets Kent plow him. Kent hammers away with a knowing fuck, and Thomas takes it all with gusto. There's a nice segue when they seamlessly flip-flop, our main hero winding up flat on the bed with Thomas eagerly fucking him. Thomas eventually eases up a bit on the power -- getting Kent to splash his load all the way up to his delicious pecs.

Amateur Video Scene 4:

It's time for the evening book club, presided over by both Jakes, and the topic is Kent's book. Jake Matthews, a husky hairy hunk of a fellow, reads from it a scene about group sex that has the rest of the flock quite interested (Pacific Islander Kai Raven, a cutie with tussled hair and a few tattoos; Sandy Sloane, a slim military man; and a shell-necklace-wearing Ty Smith, a butch guy with a nearly-shaved head and plenty of chest hair).

A proud Kent joins the club, staring at his Jake with an unbroken smile that throws Jake into fantasy again. In this one, he and Kent sit at opposite ends of the table, naked and beating off, as the other four handle the dirty work. It starts with Jake Matthews and Ty Smith paired, and Kai and Sandy on the other side of the table. Kai gets blown for a bit, and then gets a heaving blow from Sandy as Jake gets a fantastic sucking courtesy of Ty.

Sandy starts the rimming that sends Kai's eyes all the way back in his head, and Jake gets the same from Ty. The quartet comes together with Ty licking Kai's chest as Jake rims Ty and Sandy continues his rimming. The butt-munching is sensational. The fucking starts briskly with Jake fucking Ty, the table shaking underneath them. He pounds Ty very nicely, the sounds of his cock being sucked into the ass thankfully left in.

Kai gets fucked as well, taking Sandy's meaty cock up his ass slowly, a nice contrast to the meaner fuck across the table. Man-in-the-middle is next: Kai at the bottom of the heap, Ty in the middle, and Jake outside. Ty is the hero here and does a phenomenal job, and Jake keeps up a crushing pace. Kai then gets fucked to conclusion by Jake, Ty cums being fucked by Sandy, and then Jake and Sandy get their shots.

Amateur Video Scene 5:

Alas, the orgy was also a fantasy that ends with our destined couple staring lovingly at each other. When the reading is done, the others leave the guys to their inevitable sexing. Jake Hansen admits that Chapter 11 is his favorite: ''Life Imitates Art.'' With that hook, Kent starts to gorge himself on Jake's dick. Jake reveals a most outstanding body. He's hairy all over, and the hair covers a magnificently sculpted set of muscles.

Bound in a shirt and pants up to this point, it's a true pleasure to see him naked. Kent gives Jake a powerhouse blow, and then Jake bends over so Kent can treat his ass to the same intensity. Kent pulls Jake's asscheeks apart to get in deep. His ass wetted, Jake sits and rides on Kent, taking him all the way to the balls and scrunching his face up in enjoyment of it all.

Kent socks a hell of a fuck upward, taken oh-so ably by Jake. Jake then gets to chew on Kent's balls until Kent cums. With one last burst of energy, Kent rides on Jake's dick, his torso stretching as he takes all of Jake, and it's not too long before it's time for Jake to cum. The chemistry between these guys is undeniable -- Harlequin Romance, eat your heart out!

A Current Affair

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