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Bowser Makes A Porn

In his first gig as the director of an adult film, Tristan Mathews introduces each of his scenes. After performing for many major studios in various roles, Mathews gets his chance to direct from Dirty Bird Pictures.

Brad's Solo:

Thick and hung Bradley Christopher answers Tristan's call for models. When he shows up and displays the meat in his pants, he's accepted immediately. Tristan takes his first model to a set where he performs for the camera, including a lengthy dildo. Bradley loves to show off his fat sausage and pops a fat load for Tristan's first effort.

My Friend Jason:

Tristan sees and old friend from high school walking down the street. Turns out his friend is the well-known porn star Jason Crew. The two chat for a few seconds and head to the bedroom to film Jason's solo. When Jason's extra large and thick cock is revealed, Tristan drools. As he Videos right next to the throbbing cock, Tristan is taunted by Jason. ''You know you want it,'' says Crew. Of course, Tristan does and gives in, devouring Jason's cock and worshipping his massive manhood. Not content with just a blow job, Jason pounds Tristan's ass without mercy in several positions.

Mike Rocks:

Unable to control himself on the set, Tristan gives in to his weakness for sex. This time it's with Mike Rocks, a cute, dark-haired, slender young man willing to take direction from a new director. While Tristan is on top of Mike for filming, Mike rubs the noticeable bulge in Tristan's pants and says, ''Why don't we make this something more than just a solo…you're fucking hot!'' In a second the camera was on a tripod and Tristan's mouth was full of cock. They suck and rim and fuck…then a large double-headed dildo is shoved up Mike's ass. Of course the other end finds it way in Tristan's ass so the two can fuck each other with their ass muscles until they both cum.

Brad's Return:

Impressed with Brad's solo and Brad's cock, Tristan sets up a crew to film a scene where he can perform with Brad from the very start. These boys love sucking, rimming and fucking for the camera. Getting pounded doggie and missionary style isn't enough for Tristan, who jumps up on Brad's cock and works his ass magic. Tristan wants to feel Brad's dick pumping in his hands, so he finishes him off with an erotic jerk that drives Brad crazy, making him shoot a big gooey load.

My Best Scene:

Jamison Pierce and Rusty Stevens were previously introduced via photos, and they each have the hots for each other. Tristan has finally mastered the discipline of filming and directing without jumping into the scene, though it was very difficult for him to stay out of this one. Both models are young, attractive and toned, and each one is sexy and sensual.

They need almost no direction as they jump right into the scene with enthusiasm and lust. Rusty's aggressiveness leads you to believe he's going to fuck the snot out of Jamison, but as he gets rimmed he moves down and has Jamison finger his ass. Then he surprisingly begs for Jamison to shove his hot cock into his ass. Rusty can't wait so he sits on Jamison's cock and rides like a cowboy before getting on his back on the table for Jamison to get leverage and pound him hard. After the two gush their loads, Tristan congratulates them on a great scene and they head for the showers.

Bowser Makes A Porn

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