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Talking Straight #3


Jason Crew is home alone, and he's horny. When you're in your early 20s and have an extra big cock, creativity and desire combine for an interesting solo JO session. Remember the joke, ''Why does a dog lick his balls?'' Answer: Because it can! Well, Jason can fuck himself with his own dick, and so he does. The scene starts with Jason's big plump cock swinging to and fro in the shower, then he dries off before jumping in bed to display his unique talent.

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Jason Janeway and Jay Ford meet for the first time and decide to experiment with each other. Neither has tried anal beads, so they take turns shoving them in each other's asses, teasing their holes in many different ways. They suck each other and then take turns fucking each other's holes until they explode.

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Kyle Aames, adult video star and aspiring producer/director, is surfing the web and showing off on his webcam when he decides to move into his studio and do a show for his fans. Blond-haired and blue-eyed Kyle does his thing slowly and deliciously with a masterful touch at temptation. An accomplished tease at showing off every part of his body, Kyle orgasms just when he knows you can't take it any more.

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Josh Williams and Kai Craven are sitting on a couch the day after a man-sized party that left them tired, hung-over, and now very horny. Their discussion turns from the party to how they are feeling right now, which is simply: very horny. Questions that begin with ''have you ever'' result in Josh leaning over and sucking on Kai's big fat cock. It doesn't stop there, of course, and before long, Kai is pounding Josh's ass like a construction worker with a jack hammer. Josh loves every minute of it, from sucking on a fat cock to having his ass manhandled.

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Tom Daniels is fresh meat. A straight boy who has never done anything in public or with anyone watching him, he agrees to do a solo JO on the web. However, when it comes time to perform, he asks for help. First he asks for help trimming up his pubes, then with trying to get a dildo up his ass. He gets a nice helping hand from another person in the cast as his virgin ass gets worked until he explodes.

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Kai Craven, Jason Crew and Sky Richey (buddies in real life) are watching television and joking around with each other. Jason, a bi boy, knows how to work his buddies to get what he wants, so he steers the conversation where he wants it to go. The entire scene is unscripted and just goes on naturally. These three are interested in foolin' around and feel safe and comfortable trying things with their buddies. Kai's virgin ass takes anal beads and even part of a huge dildo before he can't go further. Then Jason takes the monster play cock like it's nothing and his buddies give him hell over that. These buddies fool around and around until Kai and Sky each fuck Jason and all three shot their loads on Jason's chest with Sky's load shooting past Jason's chest, onto his legs and past that!

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Talking Straight #3

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