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Cumpanions: Best Of Duos

This is a compilation of some of CustomBoys hottest duos.

Cory Heiss and Jack Porter

Boyfriends who like to spice things up really know what turns each other on, so when Cory comes home from work he immediately goes to work on his semi-asleep boyfriend. Blond haired, blue eyes Cory opens the top of Jack's underwear and slips his warm mouth over the big cock. Jack doesn’t even pretend to sleep and tells Cory, I love when you do that. From that moment on it is simply passionate sex. Kissing, Licking nipples, heavy breathing, sucking and fucking. These two young men know how to go at it, and they don't hide their enjoyment of the sex for even one second. Jack face fucks Cory and teases him with his hard cock rubbing against his ass. Jack's hairy butt against smooth Cory is a real turn-on. Jack then finger fucks his boyfriend and rims him close to orgasm. Then Cory goes to work on Jacks big dick, getting it hard by sucking it, then getting on his back and taking the huge rod like the slut he is. There are great shots of Jack pounding Cory's ass really hard, and Cory's moans of pleasure are pure joy. Cory cums as Jack fucks him. Then Cory licks and sucks Jack's balls as he explodes a huge load all over his stomach and up to his chest.

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Tripp Winters and Kirk Cameron

Two guys turned on by each other meet in a hotel room for casual sex. Tripp is the rough looking slightly older guy with a big PA who loves the terribly cute twink type Kirk Cameron. The scene opens with the two kissing, and before you can say let's go, the two are naked, with Tripp sucking on Kirk's pleasantly long and beautiful cock. After satisfying himself with Kirk's cock, Tripp lays back and gets the same treatment from Kirk. The large Prince Albert ring is fun for Kirk to play with, but as the sex gets heated, the PA comes out. Kirk's cute face sucking on a dick is a beauty to watch. The two 69 for a while Tripp eats out Kirk's ass like he is diving for pearls. The two then jerk off Tripp laying on the bed and Kirk standing over him. Both guys splatter their cum all over Tripp's chest, and the scene ends with Tripp putting the big PA back into the tip of his dick.

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Cory Heiss and Wes Roberts

Cory and Wes decide they will shoot video of each other for fun. Cory starts showing off his chest, pulls his pants down to show his ass, then switches with Wes. As Cory holds the camera, Wes strips down. Cory sticks the camera down the front of Wes's pants. Then Cory looks into the camera and says they are going next door where there is a bed and they will take matters into their own hands. That they do. Cory's cock is in Wes's mouth almost immediately. Wes licks Cory's hole and then fingers his butt, driving Cory ape-shit. When it is time to switch, Cory delights in the fact that it is his turn to work Wes over. He takes total control and drives Wes nuts. Cory works Wes's nipples, reaches down into his pants and grabs his cock, pulls it out through he underwear, strokes it, sucks it, then takes the pants off and puts Wes on his knees, bent over on the bed. There Cory fingers his sole, lubes it up and gets even with Wes. But just when you think Cory is going to fuck Wes the tables are turned and Wes puts his hard as a rock cock in and out of Cory's hole like a tease. No hands at all just a hard cock totally in and totally out again and again. And of course the two switch positions so Cory can ram Wes's ass hard. Wes is so worked up that he can't last but a few hard pumps and he gushes his load all over his chest. Cory pulls out and squirts his load all over Wes to make a cum puddle.

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Tim Reynolds and Bret Nielson

Tim is on leave from the army and decides to visit his high school buddy. The two guys have always wanted to have sex with each other but they’ve always been straight so they never tried anything. Now is the perfect time. After a little chat, Bret shows Tim around the apartment, and when they get to the bedroom, the instincts and hormones kick in. They immediately kiss and start undressing each other. Bret is a slender blonde southern boy with a big fat cock. Tim is from the Northwest, dark-haired and more of a bottom. These two companions do it all the kiss, they cuddle, they suck, they rim, they fuck. When Tim goes down on Bret's pole, the thickness of Bret's cock is obvious. And he sure does like to fuck. He pounds his friend Tim like there's no tomorrow. Bret has a nice nut sack with ample balls, and you can see them jiggle when he scissor fucks Tim. And like all good buddies, they flip and Tim fucks Bret. It's amazing how much Bret actually likes to bottom. And surprise surprise, Tim the bottom is really into fucking his buddy Bret. Bret likes a dick up his ass so much that he sits on top of Tim and rides him like he needs a cock up his ass to cum. He gets close but then take a minute or two to shoot his was. The tension is great as he rolls his eyes back into his head in ecstasy. Bret must have been turned on because his load is a true gusher thick gushing streams of cum that hose Tim down. Bret then gets Tim all worked up by fingering his asshole till he adds his cum load to the puddle already there. Then Bret grabs Tim's dick and fondles it to drive him nuts. The two kiss and we sadly say goodbye to the last of our cumpanions.

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Cumpanions: Best Of Duos

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