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Jerk With Kirk
The Best Of Kirk Kelley

This is a compilation of scenes from various videos featuring Kirk Kelley

Pool Orgy

Kirk Kelley joins four other guys at the pool, where some good-natured fun turns into a suck and fuck festival. The antics start with the group pulling off Triton Rivers shorts, and Triton announces that he can t be the only one missing his pants. So they all get naked and go at it with each other, ending with a group circle jerk.

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Frat Initiations One

Paired with a handsome fellow pledge, Kirk submits to a most unusual initiations. The pledge master makes Kirk get down on his knees and suck off Tim. Kirk is willing to do anything to get in, and he pretends he does not like what he is told to do. However, when Tim sticks his beautiful cock up Kirk s ass, it is hard to ignore Kirk s enjoyment of the situation! Incredible cum shots from both frat boys in this scene!

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Picture This

Timothy Taylor daydreams about a picture of Kirk Kelley hanging on his wall. You get to participate in this dream as Kirk comes alive from the picture to fulfill Tim s fantasies. Two cute twinkie boys with long shafts suck and fuck until their lengthy dicks explode with huge gushin’ squirts of juicy cum.

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Role Reversal

Having been the object of desire in the last scene, Kirk is now the dreamer. This time Kirk Kelley dreams poolside about having sex with muscular stud Triton Rivers. Is it a dream or for real? Kirk opens his eyes and sees Triton standing over him. Triton leans over and kisses him, and before you know it the two are sucking each other s dicks in and out of the water. Triton puts Kirk down and fucks his hot little ass hard. Triton unloads with numerous big spurts of cum all over Kirk s chest.

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Frat Initiations Two

Kirk Kelley loves being initiated. This time he does a scene with his boyfriend, and the pledge master takes a liking to him. You can see Kirk getting jealous of the pledge master playing with his boyfriend. He was hoping the pledge master would order him to suck and fuck his boyfriend, but the pledge master decides to make Kirk suck his dick instead. And when the pledge master starts to ride his boyfriend s cock, Kirk does everything he can to hide his jealousy. In the end, three huge loads of cum erupt from all these cocks, covering the pledge master is a pool of cum!

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Web Boy Kirk Kelley

As Kirk Kelley sits at his computer and chats with his peeps via webcam, he delivers a great solo performance. His charm comes through as he talks to you about what his peeps want and they want to see everything. When the dildo comes out and Kirk shoves it up his ass, you can feel the pleasure he gets from it going all the way inside. The reactions he has tell you this is not acting, just pure self pleasure.

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Power Fuck

A Latin stud with a 9-inch fat cock wastes no time face fucking Kirk, who nearly chokes on the big appendage. In this scene, Kirk, who is comfortable as a bottom, faces one of his biggest challenges. He is turned over on his back, his legs pulled up into the air and he is pounded like a jack hammer. As good a bottom as Kirk is, he can t hide the fact that he is at his limit and either in the most pleasure he has ever had or is feeling some pain. You be the judge.

Classic Porn!

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Jerk With Kirk: The Best Of Kirk Kelley

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