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Web Boys #15
Straight Boys Get Crazy

Producer's Note: The 15th installment in the Web Boys series introduces more hot straight boys who, at least initially, would never be seen having sex with another guy.

Tim Cade

Tim is a real straight boy who likes fruit and is totally open to being seen clips, jerking off, even spreading his ass cheeks. What makes him a bit of a crazy straight boy is that he wants the production assistant to play with his cock and balls. Of course, being gay, our PA didn’t have any problems grabbing onto Tim’s beautiful cock, stroking it, rubbing it and also pulling on and caressing his balls. In fact, he wishes that part of the scene could have gone on for a lot longer. But Tim takes his cock into his own hands, as he does a banana, and he works both of them together. Finally shooting his load of cum onto the banana, Tim then surprises us again by taking the cum-covered banana and eating it. He must have amazed himself, as he sits up and says to the camera, ‘’Not bad for a straight boy, eh?’’ Not bad at all! Then Tim jumps in the shower while you watch.

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Zack Evans

Zack is a masculine young man with a great physique. He’s that cute, slender, perfect-chested, 6-pack guy at the gym you find yourself staring at longer than you should. He is also a confident and sensual performer who is so confident in his sexuality that he has no problem shoving a big fat dildo up his ass. Off camera he says his girlfriend loves to ram big dildos up his ass. So again, our PA gets to have a little fun by playing the role of his girlfriend and gently ramming a very large and somewhat thick dildo as far up Zack’s ass as he can. Zack loves it, and he keeps it inside of himself until he cums. The pleasure of the dildo sliding in and out of his ass, combined with rapid stroking of his dick, unleashes a thick, creamy load of cum that drips from the tip of his cock onto his pubes. This handsome jock breathes heavy as he slides a long fake cock out of his sore ass, then jumps into the shower for you to watch.

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A very masculine young man who fits the description of a street thug, AKA needs money to pay his bills and thinks that getting paid as an adult model is just the thing to help his budget. He also told us he loves to get naked and have people look at him. With a metal pole stuck through the skin and just under the head of his cock, he strokes his dick passionately and plays with his piercing, which will make some guys squirm. AKA has some serious ink on him as well as additional piercings through his nipples. There is some teasing, but there’s no serious ass play for this straight boy he isn’t ready for that, at least not yet. But he really knows how to get pleasure from stroking his cock and playing with the metal piercing the skin at his cock’s head. When he shoots his load, it is a very wet one mixed with some hefty gobs of cum that fall onto his pubic area. He squeezes the pierced cock head to get the last drop of cum onto his stomach.

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Bryan May

A damn good looking, masculine and sexy 19-year-old straight boy, Bryan recently starred in our most recent straight film called Young Love. In that film, he slides his long thick pole into his gorgeous and petite18-year-old girlfriend. Endowed with an unbelievably gorgeous 9-inch cock, Bryan made our production assistant’s day when he too got so caught up in his cock-stroking that he wanted another hand touching him. Being a gentleman, Bryan asks and says please. And you can’t say no when someone says please. Our PA is getting good at this, and he really enjoyed touching Bryan’s hard nine-inch cock. He teases it, strokes it, squeezes it, smack it on Bryan’s belly and rubs it left and right to watch it pop back like a swinging beam. And of course he explores Bryan’s low-hanging balls that are soft as silk first rubbing them around, then yanking on them hard enough to pull down and stretch out that big fat cock. Bryan uses both hands to pleasure his massive cock and make it dump a dozen fat drops of heavy cum onto his stomach. After a quick rinse in the shower, Bryan invites his audience back for more.

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Web Boys #15: Straight Boys Get Crazy

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