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The Blue Velvet Video

Editor's Note: This video is Soft Core. It does NOT contain any cum shots, jack off scenes or sex. But this video is filled with hot naked buff men and hardon's.
Producer's Note: Business executive Steve Jerome abandons corporate life to pursue his artistic desires. He turns to photography and the visual arts and focuses on masculine Midwestern men. This video is all about incredibly gorgeous hunks like Advocate MEN Man of the Year Frank Prantalos (also known as Vincent Greco) and Seth Sorenson (Playgirl call him a hot young hunk). Add to the mix Kerry Kristian and David Mahoney and a bunch of other runners up and you have what reviewers have called a masterpiece. This video was nominated for a 2000 GayVN award for best alternative video.

Seth Sorenson

Seth arrives in Chicago and goes right to work as a nude model. He is one of the most amazing looking models you will ever see…All-American looks, body to die for and a smile that would melt you in an instant. There is a collage of modeling photos and an extensive nude posing session.

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Frank Prantalos

It's clear why this guy won the title Man of the Year. What's even better about this video is that it is Frank 's first ever…see him at the tender age of 19 and already a hunk. Sculpted abs, very masculine, uncut… a true Greek god. See him pose for stills, and watch him with an amazing hardon. Frank is shown posing in a studio, in a glass enclosed patio, along Chicago's lakeshore and in the photographer's apartment. He is one of the most amazing models you will ever see.

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Skor Michaels and David Mahoney

Skor Michaels is a friend of the photographer and watches his apartment while he is on a shoot out of town. He comes home in the dead of winter, grabs a beer and dreams of David Mahoney, another unbelievably beautiful hunk of a man. David works out in tight shorts that show his manhood, and Skor Michaels gets a boner dreaming about David.

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Kerry Kristian

Kerry is possibly the best of the guys in this video depending on what you look for in models. He is also an All-American boy next door type with a muscular body and impressive dick. Perfect teeth, an aw-shucks kind of smile and a wonderful attitude makes him the kind of guy you want to marry. The highlight of his scene is watching him go from a limp dick to a throbbing boner without touching himself!

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Reviewer Comments:

Martin Cox of "Who knew Chicago was such a hotbed for pretty boys? Apparently videographer Steve Jerome, who has assembled one of the best looking casts for a non-sexual erotic video I've ever seen. Though all the guys in the video are really nice to look at, there are two standouts: Playgirl model Seth Sorenson (October 1999) and uncut, six-pack sporting stud Frank Prantalos, who would be worth watching in videos of their own….Kudos to Steve Jerome for artful lighting, videography and sound, and for a fine first effort."

Gay Chicago Magazine's Big Daddy Ferguson: Chicago photographer Steve Jerome, known for his still photography, has not only outdone himself in videography, but also in style and editing.

TLA Video-Flapjax: "One blonde in particular, Sorenson, caught his attention, commanding numerous guises and poses for our enjoyment. And a host of adorable boys - including an Abercrombie and Fitch boy - populate his silent sessions. Other highlights include some artsy editing and a linear, blossoming hardon shot. Being soft core, the most we see are hardons, and being that so many of these guys are sooooo cute, I pray that a hardcore version comes out."

Classic Porn!

The Blue Velvet Video

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