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Web Boys #3

Big Dicks on Cute Young Boys

The World Wide Web has given young gorgeous boys the ability to make a living on their good looks, hot bodies, big dicks and spurting cum shots. Whether the website is a big one like Dude Dorm or just a single individual's webcam, anyone over the age of 18 can tune in nightly to jerk their meat with some of the world's finest looking and sexiest studs. The only drawback is those jerky frames and small screens on your computer. Customboys gives you these boys up close and personal, in real time, full frame, digital video! It is like being there with them as they perform for their "peeps." The entire series features REAL web boys as well as pretend web boys who perform at "Customboys." In Web Boys 3 the first stud up is Kirk Kelley, who you may have seen in various adult videos, Cute as a button… slim, toned, muscular build… and a very nice big dick. Watch him stroke it, shake it, squeeze it…you will be amazed at how erotic a big dick looks on a cute young boy. If that isn't enough to pop your load, watch him work his ass over with an above average sized and out like he can't get enough… all for his loyal fan base. When he cums, count the gushes…several before he hits his peak! Aren't computers the shit!??

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Big Dicks on Handsome Young Men

Matt Ryder is next on the schedule at Customboys Studios…beefier, lightly hairy…a nice contrast. Again, one hell of a dick on this kid…watch it as he walks it right into the camera for you, strokes it fast and slow… whips it into a frenzy for you…and his dick is a mouthful even when it is soft…never looking smaller than a big old thick Italian sausage. Aware that his fans want to see him front and back and in every possible position, Matt climbs in the chair, spreads his ass cheeks, does almost anything his fans ask. Watch him lean back in his chair and stick his finger up his ass. As he strokes his dick you can see him react, hear him moan and watch him quiver as his body feels the glands in his dick swell up with blood and become super sensitive. Digital video lets you see the precum ooze out as he strokes. He walks around the room with his meat hanging out and finally delivers a gushing cum shot that coats his lightly furry chest. Yummmmm.

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Big Dicks up Boys' Asses

Of course seeing big dicks on cute young boys and handsome young men is a thrill, but watching one go up another boy's ass is even better! Although most web boys do not get into hot and heavy anal sex, there is always that exception. How about two hot young boys…Rio is 18 with big fat uncut dick and Rafael is 20 with a nice cock and hot ass ready for a big fat uncut dick. When one of Rio's peeps asks him for some variety, he shows him Rafael…each one takes turns showing their dicks and asses…and then the guys asks for the two boys to do something special. Of course they oblige. Rio loves to fuck, hung, and Rafael has wanted Rio's big, fat, uncut cock since the day they met at Customboys Studios. Rio is a straight boy who has no problem getting naked, getting sucked and fucking a tight ass. Rafael is all over him in a matter of seconds. He has a hard time going slow, but he restrains himself for the sake of the customers on the webcam. He slowly sucks the head of Rio's dick, sucks his balls, then swallows the big shaft. When he stands up for Rio to take his pants down, his dick is bulging, and the precum has already made it through his underwear and onto his pants. You can see he has to open wide and work hard to get Rio's dick down his throat, but you can tell he loves every last second of it. Rafael works his ass, rubbing it over Rio's dick as Rio sits in the chair. When he can't take it any longer he bends over the desk and lets Rio have his fun. It takes a while for Rafael to get it in, but he wants this one so so bad! Good close up shots of the penetration as Rafael gets fucked bending over the desk, sitting in the chair, sitting on Rio as Rio sits in the chair….and then, as he is working Rio's dick, Rafael just erupts like Mt. St, Helens, gushing like crazy all over his chest…he stands up while he is shooting cum and finishes the orgasm standing up….what a huge load! He kneels down and helps Rio get to his orgasm, and Rio matches the cum shot with his own thick, sticky load. The end of the video? A close up shot of the computer with the words: "It is now safe to turn off your computer." But who wants to?

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Web Boys #3

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