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Frat Initiations #9


This smooth young pledge has a little bit of an attitude when he starts his initiation, but the pledge master makes sure he knows that unless he complies, Tully will NOT be getting into this frat. "Sir, Yes Sir!" is his immediate reply. The pledge master gropes and strips the frat-hopeful then pulls down his black boxer-briefs to reveal his smooth shaved pubes. The pledge master must like that look because he gobbles up the pledge's hard cock like a starving man. After the pledge master has had his fill he orders Tully to his knees to suck the pledge master's cock. Tully tries but he keeps gagging, but the pledge master makes him keep at it. Tully next has to endure the pledge master's gloved finger up his tight asshole. Tully protests at the invasion, but there's nothing he can do about it. Another blow job from the pledge master and a good long hand job end this initiation as Tully oozes out his cum-load onto the pledge master's fist.

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Tony is both scared and curious about what he's going to experience in this frat initiation. After he's blindfolded he's ordered to remove his shirt and pants and he reveals his furry body to the world. The pledge master ties Tony's wrists behind his back and then runs his hands all over Tony's hairy chest and stomach before reaching into his white boxer-briefs. Tony is hard in a flash and his uncut cock is skinned back and sticking up as hard as iron. The pledge master works over Tony's butt, spreading his cheeks, slapping him, and then probing each of his slicked up fingers and thumb into Tony's hole, one or two at a time. Next Tony has to pull down the pledge master's pants and work over his cock. Tony rubs the master's cock all over his own hairy chest, then puts a rubber onto the fat pink prick and sucks it into his mouth. Tony's initiation ends with a hand job from the pledge master that send his spunk spraying all over the room.

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Latinos are full of machismo, and David is no different. He wants in bad and to prove it he'll do anything. His body is smooth and slender and naturally tanned, and even though he pulls back when the pledge master reaches for his cock, his hard dick tells a different story. David's cock is long, hard, and uncut; the pledge master is drooling for it and he gets it! The worst part of David is having to suck the pledge master's Gringo cock, but if he wants in then he suck cock...period. Little by little the pledge master forces his cock into David's mouth then, once he's used to it, David sucking like crazy. David is rewarded with another blow job from the pledge master and then the master strokes his big Latino cock until he shoots his cum all over.

The tape ends with previews of other Frat Initiation tapes.

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Frat Initiations #9

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