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Frat Initiations #5: Tie Me Up Jerk Me Off

84 Minutes...Live Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Tim and Greg are two college buddies who wanted to go through the initiation process together. Since togetherness and brotherhood is what it's all about the pledgemaster agreed. Greg blindfolds and ties the wrists of his buddy, Tim and then the pledgemaster does the same to Greg. Now the initiation can begin. He starts by fondling Greg and then turns the two guys facing each other and jerks them off cock-to-cock. Tim drops to his knees and is forced to suck Greg's cock nearly to the point of gagging, then he has to do the same to Greg's ass. Afterwards the tables are turned around and Greg is on his knees cramming Tim's cock down his throat. The pledgemaster himself even gets a turn at sucking the cocks of these two frat hopefuls.
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Frat Initiations #4: Tie Me Up Jerk Me Off

88 Minutes...Mixed Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Zane's ass has been probed but that just the start of his initiation. The pledgemaster unties his hands and forces Zane to open up his pants and take out his cock. Zane is still blindfolded but you can tell he's not sure he wants any part of this, but the pledgemaster's booming voice pushes him to open the jeans, whip out his cock and to finally suck the pledgemaster's dick. Zane doesn't want to do it, he resists actually sucking cock. The pledgemaster is definitely getting into it: his head is thrown back and his mouth is forming an 'O' as Zane sucks on his dick below. The initiation ends when the pledgemaster grabs Zane's cock from behind and jerks him off. Wait until you find out just who the pledgemaster of Zane's Army Buddies!
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Frat Initiations #3: Tie Me Up Jerk Me Off

75 Minutes...Mixed Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Damn that blindfold is tight, careful or you'll muss my hair. Daddy says I have to join a Frat to get ahead in this world. He says it'll help me get connected, to become part of the 'old boy network'. Bullshit. The only connecting I want to do is some old boy's cock up my ass. This Frat is bound to be on Daddy's 'NO' I want in! Jeeze, that feels good. The pledge master kind of reminds me of Daddy and he's working his finger up my butt, I think he's trying to make me cry out or something, but all he's doing is getting me hotter! Now he's got his hand wrapped around my dick and boy the feels good too. Maybe this initiation is supposed to see how much pleasure I can take.
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Frat Initiations: Tie Me Up Jerk Me Off

75 Minutes...Music Dub

Excerpt From Full Description: This aspiring model really wants to be in this local frat, so he has to undergo the ritual known as Tie Me Up Jerk Me Off. He thinks it just a joke, but soon he finds out it is no game. Jerod's hands are bound behind his back, a blindfold is ties around his head, and soon the pledge-master is undressing Jerod and beginning the initiation ritual. Jerod begins to object to the ritual but he is quickly informed that quitters are NOT frat he relents and the pledge-master continues the initiation. Jerod is clearly enjoying things, even if he does object. His cock becomes hard easily when the pledge-master strokes it and his asshole seems to wink at us in anticipation.
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Falling For Ian Idol

124 Minutes...Mixed Sound

Excerpt From Full Description: Performing in his first-ever hardcore sex scene, Ian is paired up with Skor Michaels. The two are passionate and work hard to turn each other on. Ian is the bottom here, and he is insatiable. Skor fucks Ian in every position possible, and Ian releases a load of cum that convinces you that Ian Idol is an All American porn star!
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Picture Perfect

80 Minutes...Music Dub

Excerpt From Full Description: After we are introduced to the models they start right in on trading blow jobs while the cameraman moves around them snapping photos and offering hints on posing and expression.
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