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Semper Fi #1

Welcome to the real world of Marines! After twelve weeks of intensive physical training with no sex, horney, young ''Booties'' are eager to get a nut even with a buddy!

J, Raven and Eddy:

After talking up their pussy conquests, shirts come off and dicks get hard. When cloths are off, the frisky boys wrestle on the bed before doing a line up on the mirrors. Condoms come out and Raven shows off his cock sucking skills while J pounds Raven's ass from behind making Raven shoot his load. Raven's ass is invaded with a dildo before these three kick back to shoot their guns. Raven shoots a second load and after some grunting and groaning, Eddy bust a load over his head and onto Raven. J unloads on the mirrors and the three shower together.

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Marine Cowboys:

Uncle Don chats these two cowboys up while they get their cocks hard watching a porno flick. After some close up cock shots, the cowboys move to the mirrors where one throws his lasso. The other cowboy relaxes back on the bed to release his rope all over his smooth stomach.

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Tony and Pee Wee:

After the Uncle Don intro, the cloths come off and college student Pee Wee gets busy doing what he does best, sucking Marine cock. Tony does a mirror squat and Uncle Don gets his hand on Tony's uncut cock. As if that wasn't enough, Mask comes out to give some oral pleasure and some ass rimming. Pee Wee can't wait any longer and busts his nut all over the Mask's mouth, with Tony creaming his big nut on the mirrors.

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Will and Ra:

These two hot bodied Marines strip down and get hard. Uncle Don fondling is followed by mirror squats and lots of big dicked cock shots. Mask comes out to help the boys clean their guns, paying special attention to Will's balls and ass. These Marines cover the mirrors in their manly cum.

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Paul and J:

Horny for an outdoor shoot, these two Marines are willing to risk getting caught for some outdoor sex. Porn mags come out to help these two get the stiffy and Paul has no problem getting his large gun to attention. Uncle Don gets these two touching one another and Paul shows J just how good his tongue can work. J returns the cock sucking favor and then bends over to try and take Paul's huge cock up his ass. Once done playing, the boys kick back on a tree and bust their loads all over themselves.

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Semper Fi #1

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