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Youthful Encounters

From Corkscrew Media Group

88 Minutes...Mixed Sound

This film is jam packed with non-stop action. Fourteen horny guys, including nine newcomers who grace the screen with their beauty and desire to please themselves and others! These guys leave no sexual stone unturned, kissing, licking, rimming, fucking sucking, stroking and much much more!! Eight scenes of lust include four duets, a sizzling 3-way scene and three steamy solo scenes. video extras include a 70+ picture slide show and trailers for our newest Videos.

Featuring: Connor Brandson, Sam Jacobson, Shane Williams, Sebastan St.Claire, Giovanni Roma, Robby Roberts, Tyler Certit, Hunter Fox, Boris Ivans, Wayne Sheridan, Demetrious Grace, Aiden Camp, Jacob Sweet and Sammy DeSantos.

The video features 80+ minutes of hard core action.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

What would a movie featuring Midwestern boyz be without a redhead, and in Connor Brandson this one not only has one, but a spectacularly adorable ginger-head who kicks the proceedings off in bed with the equally adorable brunet Sam Jacobson, who is in the center, in boxers, on the cover, and a lot more attractive than that, trust me. More ginger-haired than carrot-topped, Connor sports a small patch of straw above a spiffy cock that Sam has no trouble engulfing, solo or in 69 action. For his part, Sam has a fat wang that juts up from a huge patch of black pubes that tickle Connor's nose as he goes in for a dive. Connor gets the topman role first, pleasuring his mate with sweet doggy and missionary thrusts before he mounts Sam cowboy style and rides long and hard to a mutual climax which ends in loving kisses between a beautiful couple.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Exotic Sebastan St. Clare and wide eyed lovely Shane Williams lead us through a thoroughly enjoyable coupling which is climaxed by Sebastan's prolonged plumbing of Shane's anal cavity with his long hard dick, doggy and missionary, until they jerk off all over each other's abs.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

If I had to choose which boy to watch in a solo it would be hard to come up with a choice other than Giovanni Roma. Gio, as he's called, is only 19 but already he is a classic Italian-American beauty, resembling more than a few porn stars well beyond his age (he looks like a cross between American porn star Nino Bacci and super stud Italian porn star Matthias Vanelli). He also sports a humongous cock, and adorable smile, and bottomless libido as he draws a load out of his cock which had me panting for more -- and that will come in another flick.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Three hot, hungry and hung college boys get together for a hotel-room 3-way in the next scene. Hunter Fox and Tyler Certit are tightly ripped studs with tatts and Robby Roberts is a dark-haired sultry-eyed chowhound who can't keep his hands or mouth off either, but manages to get his nice long dick up Tyler's bulbous, fuzzy butt while Hunter's dick is stuffing Tyler's face. The obvious bottom here. Tyler then works Hunter's dong into his hole for a nice ride before the other two jerk off all over his chest and abs as he releases his own load.

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

All-American blond boy next door Jacob Sweet is supposed to be tutoring the adorable Boris Ivans in English, but they switch to a mutually acceptable language -- sex -- very quickly. Boris, who looks like porn pup Tommy DeLuca somewhat, has a major cock and tremendous dark patch of pubes that lushly frame Jacob's blond locks as the latter goes down on him. The pink-cheeked Boris looks mighty fine when he swallows Jacob's nice cock, also nestled in a nice bunch of pubes. The real fun is when Boris plows Jacob on the couch missionary, forcing out a thick glob of cum onto Jacob's pubes, which is hot enough for Boris so he lies back and brings himself off as Jacob strokes his balls.

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Amateur Video Scene 6:

Aiden Camp, a dark-haired cherub with a Playboy tatt on his groin and a ''Brent Corrigan look'' leans back on the couch, whips it out and lets us savor his masturbatory moves. Delicious.

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Amateur Video Scene 7:

Handsome dark-haired white boy Wayne Sheridan (who reminds me or porn star Peter Wilder) and stunning dreadlocked black boy Demetrius Grace take their lust for each other to the floor in the next duo, chomping on each other's fat cocks before they move to the bed for a very energetic flip-flop. This is a well-met couple who have no inhibitions and force thick globs of cum from their cocks for our pleasure.

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Amateur Video Scene 8:

Hot Latino boy Sammy DeSantos closes the festivities with a solo jerk on the bed. Cute as the others, hotter than hell.

Classic Porn!

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Youthful Encounters

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