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Donavin's Freshman Adventures

From Corkscrew Media Group

90 Minutes...Mixed Sound

Donavin Fitch personally guides us through his HOT and STEAMY sexual adventures of his freshman year at college... Five hot scenes of freshman lust!!!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Donavin's met at the train by cyber-buddy Rhyland Page, an exquisite dirty-blond with a bit of chest hair, neat cock and eager mouth. They're into it as soon as they get back to Rhyland's pad where Donavin sets the standard with a serious down-to-the-pubes blowjob warm-up that Rhyland tries to imitate but can't quite because Donavin, you see, is fucking hung. A cock like his needs serious anal attention and in very little time it's worked its way up Rhyland's eager hole in missionary and sit-fuck positions that bring spurts of juice from the fuckee's cock, which he massages into his chest. But topman is not done yet, tossing Rhyland into a bend-over doggy which ends with an ass and back drenching.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Back from a study field-trip, Donavin steps off the bus into the waiting stare of scruffy skater boy Sean Tyler, a shag-haired dirty-blond with a cock that matches Donavin's in size and need for attention. Donavin is all too happy to give that rod what it deserves when they get back to Sean's room, grabbing it with his mouth and throat for an extended worshipful blowjob. The two then kiss and lick in an extremely erotic hump fest before Sean gets his cock into Donavin's twitching hole for a rockin' missionary pump that segues into a rockin' full body cum-shot.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Connor Branson, is Donavin's next conquest and the two have plenty of kisses for each other before Connor's mouth itches for some shaft, which he finds in Donavin's jeans hard and ready for gobbling. This is followed by a loving oral festival of kissing, cock sampling, cock-eating and teasing until Connor can take it no longer and slides down on Donavin's stick shift for a road test. Which is neatly filmed from the bottom up. They slide into a missionary finish that forces the cum out of Connor while he's still impaled. He then kisses Donavin to his own climax.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Donavin then meets up with boyfriends Sydney Martin and Aidam Camp, who will take your breath away. Ginger-haired, pink and classically beautiful (reminds me a little of 1980s porn star Johnny Dawes), Sydney perfectly complements the darker, sultry-eyed brunet Aidan, but it's Sydney who really orchestrates this ménage-a-trios, crawling and weaving through bodies and cocks until he lets Donavin split Adam's sphincter in a missionary fuck as he alternately feeds upon Adam's cock and lips. Sydney then sits on his boyfriend's cock while Donavin is still in Aidan before the boyfriends use Donavin as the meat in the middle -- Donavin fucks Sydney missionary as Adam porks Donavin from behind. The couch moves in this one it's so energetic. Adam then takes Donavin missionary before he flips over for Sydney who plows him until the three of them sidle up for a side-by-side jerk-off climax. Beautifully done, great score as well.

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Donavin's semester ends with him serving as host on a campus tour to a high school graduate, Giovanni (Gio) Roma, whose charisma and beauty cannot be adequately described. In a sweet seduction that leads to quick engagement of lips and cocks, Gio shows that the promise he showed in his solo debut in ''Youthful Encounters'' was well placed -- here he is a forceful, hungry and totally willing supplicant, sucking, kissing, and then offering up his spectacularly beautiful butt for a serious missionary plunging that has Donavin rippling his abs in excitement. Gio then sits on Donavin's fat dick for a pony ride which rolls into a doggy fuck. They sit side by side and pull off to sticky conclusions that help Donavin end his first semester and Gio begin his in heated style.

Classic Porn!

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Donavin's Freshman Adventures

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