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Big Burritos

This film was pulled a year ago for re-editing and we've finally decided to re-release it. We dropped a couple of solo sessions and added a hot foursome. We think you'll find these Big Burritos very satisfying!


While vacationing in Atlanta, I ran across this ''just 18'' Mexican dude. Yibran didn't speak much English but he wanted to do a porno video and I wanted to help him out. He starts off a little shy, but he's eager to get naked and get off. He says he jacks off two or three times a day if he's not getting any other sex. His last time was a week ago with a 19yo girl with big titties. Yibran's body is smooth and tan, and he's a horny fucker, as this is his second J/O today. He spurts out his jizz and rubs the cream into his skin.

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Anthony and Brian:

Anthony is a Puerto Rican in his late twenties who loves the ladies very much, but needs to plow his cock into a tight male ass every now and then, too. Brian is a hot tamale who just loves having his ass filled with Latino cock. Together they are gonna rock each other's worlds. Brian strips off Anthony's pants and dives for his cock and balls. As soon as Anthony's cock is hard, Brian lubes up his own ass and let's his Latin lover have his way with him. After a hard fucking both guys finish off in a side-by-side J/O session.

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Rey and Ricky:

These two Latino youths have been hot for each other since the day I first showed each of them the other's picture. There were a lot of problems getting them hooked up...Ricky wanted to be a priest, Rey was out of town a lot; but when it finally was magic! They do a lot of kissing and touching as the session begins, then as soon as they're both naked, Rey chows down on Ricky's prick. That's just the beginning though. They trade blowjobs and kiss then Rey slides on a rubber and fucks Ricky's cute little Latino butt. They fuck like crazy in different positions then jerk themselves off to explosive orgasms.

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Fourway Fun:

Maybe we should have called this session ''Double Couples'' because it's really two mixed couples going at it side by side. Latino Rey and White Gavin suck and fuck on the right side of the bed while Latino Alex and White Ross do the nasty on the left side. Somehow we missed Alex's cum shot, but Rey and Gavin both nut for the camera and Ross's Hot Rod pops two loads. What a stud!

Classic Porn!

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Big Burritos

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