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Buttfuck A Twink...
Then Cum On His Face

from Boys On The Web   •   An AMVC Exclusive
BOY05   •   90 Minutes   •   Mixed Sound

This collection features some of Grabby Award winning director Peter Z Pan's favorite scenes from his hit DVDs. All five chapters have one thing in common: they all end with gooey facials. The scenes have been carefully reedited to remove the superfluous story lines and dialogue, and just focus on the hot sex. Each scene is 100% Hardcore, with plenty of cock-sucking, ass eating, buttfucking and facial cum shots. This is the first time (and probably the only time) that this ''Buttfuck A Twink...Then Cum On His Face!'' collection has been available on DVD.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

It's Rollerboy meets horse-hung Latino Hunk, as Badboy Robert Long violates 18yo Vittorio Ricci's mouth and ass with his fat pinga. It starts with Robert pushing the teen down on his knees and forcing his Cuban salami deep into his tender mouth. Things heat up as Robert skullfucks Vittorio, making him choke, gag and gasp for air. After he's finished fucking his mouth, Long makes Ricci worship his masculine body by licking him from his hairy armpits to his hot ass. Vittorio has an oral feast munching on the rock hard thug. Then Robert decides he wants to buttfuck Vittorio like a little bitch...which he proceeds to do. A horny Vittorio sits on his cock and rides it long and hard. Robert pounces him in many positions before releasing his load on the boy's shocked face. With eyes and mouth wide open, the precocious Vittorio takes it all it. Muy Caliente!
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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Jarett Fox is a jock who gets a virgin boy, Sean Wade, to tutor him. Foxy Fox quickly seduces little Wade and takes him on his rickety bed. There is passionate kissing and oral fun as Sean goes down on Jarett's massive cock. Jarett returns the favor by sucking Sean, and then they go into a hot 69. But Sean is an insatiable lad, hungry for twink ass. He dives right in, giving Jarett the best rim job of his life. Now in heat, Jarret lubes up Sean's ass with his spit, then rams his shaft into him hard. In excruciating pain, Sean proves to be a trouper by taking Jarett's ramrod all the way in. Jarett fucks him every which way but loose, before Sean shoots his young load all over himself. Jarett then shoots his scolding load on Sean's virginal face.
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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Real live virgin Donovan Knight makes his adult film debut in this hot poolside three-way. He plays the Pool boy, an innocent lad who walks in on Brandon Brooks and Shane Stone doin' it in the pool. After an oral two-way, where Brandon and Shane take places cocking each others' cocks, Donovan joins in for a wicked three-way. There's a lot more oral action as Donovan goes down on both twinks. (Donovan was literally an 18-year-old virgin when he stepped on the set. When you see him going down on Brandon Brookes in the movie, it was the first time he'd EVER had a penis in his tender mouth.) After a three-way, chain-link, cocksuking circle, the three horny twinks move on to anal. They take turns fucking one another in the pool, out of the pool, and every other place in-between. Finally Donovan busts a nut on his tummy as the other two twinks dump their loads on his face.
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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Casey Wood poses as the cousin of straight, prettyboy, Derrek Scott Randy; so he is allowed to spend the night and share a bed with him. Casey naturally sleeps naked and Derek is floored by his huge fire-hose. Casey can't control himself in the middle of the night and Derek wakes up to find him going down on his cock. Derek tries to stop him to no avail, and then he begins to let go and enjoy himself. Pretty soon, Derek is taking that titanic shaft in every way imaginable. Derek is HUNGRY for cock and his appetite is insatiable. Just when you think he can't take anymore, he surprises you and does! After Casey sucks his asshole like a long haired Hoover, Derek rides that big horsey like the fucking Lone Ranger, holding on for dear life as Silver gallops into the moonlight.
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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Kevin Shade is hot for straight-boy Ricky Cruz, and he lets him know in no uncertain terms. Before you can say immigration, the young Latino is seduced by the shady Shade. It begins with hot French-kissing, both twinks noticeably turned on by each other. This undoubtedly leads to blows jobs. Kevin and Ricky take turns sucking dick, then wind up in a fervid 69 on a shag carpet right out of ''The Brady Bunch.'' Kevin then buttfucks Columbian bombshell Ricky on the floor -- like a bitch dog in heat. Ricky just has to have it, and can't get enough, taking Kevin's long cock up his hungry hole. After rug burns and a sweat bath, both twinks give each other loving facials.
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Buttfuck A Twink...Then Cum On His Face

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